Eat & Drink

The Ultimate Day at the Westport Club

Have you ever sat at home and wondered, ‘How can I make the most of my day at my favourite Club?’ Well we’ve decided that’s a great question! so here is our ultimate guide to a day at The Westport...

Healthy Summer Treats

The arrival of warmer weather in beautiful Port Macquarie is generally a reminder to us all to check in on our wellness – are we being healthy, active and treating our bodies well? If you think you could potentially do...

Coffee for Beginners

For those in the world who don’t drink coffee – apparently, they are out there?! – it can be quite confusing to see the obsession and coffee-centered culture that has emerged in Australia over the last 20 years. The reputation...

How to brew coffee (almost) as good as HCC

Looking for some ways to improve your at-home coffee brewing? Look no further than these tips from our very own Hastings Coffee Co., Port Macquarie’s most beloved (and most delicious) coffee spot!
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