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Breweries in Port Macquarie

Breweries in Port Macquarie to explore

We’ve been silently rolling the kegs into the cellar and setting up the bar to surprise our members and guests with a new addition to Jimmy’s Bar & Lounge – a huge range of 25 beers on tap! With the...

How to brew coffee (almost) as good as HCC

Looking for some ways to improve your at-home coffee brewing? Look no further than these tips from our very own Hastings Coffee Co., Port Macquarie’s most beloved (and most delicious) coffee spot!

DIY cocktail recipes

Everyone loves a good cocktail. But sometimes people try too hard to make one at home. We’re giving you our top 5 favourite, simple cocktail recipes to try yourself, straight from our very own Jimmy’s Bar & Lounge.

World Whisky Day at The Westport Club

World Whiskey Day is upon us. It’s time to celebrate all the reasons why we love the water of life! Come in to Jimmy’s Bar & Lounge to experience over 100 different whiskeys on offer, as well as some fun specials made just for the World Whiskey Day celebration.

Queen’s Birthday Long Weekend

Updated 31 May 2018 Finally, the extra day off work we all look forward to! The Queen’s Birthday Long Weekend is more than just a chance to enjoy 3 glorious days off work. Yes, the time off is great, but as...

Meet our new Head Chef Trent Davis

Traditional views of the restaurant chef de cuisine have historically been of a hot-tempered dictator barking orders at a team of panic-stricken subordinates, an impatient boss who is difficult to please and occasionally inclined to throwing inanimate objects across the...
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World Chocolate Day at The Westport Club

As if we needed an excuse to enjoy an extra serve of chocolate! Tuesday, 7th July marks possibly the best day of the year (other than burger day, pizza day, and coffee day of course!). That’s right, it’s World Chocolate...
World Lamington Day slider

World Lamington Day

Celebrating the humble Lamington   It's a simple recipe, but as you may have heard before, simple is often the best! The lamington is a traditional Australian 'delicacy' and is made by dipping squares of Vanilla sponge cake into chocolate...
Slider Bread and Butter pudding

How to make Bread and Butter pudding

It is perhaps one of the simplest of Winter dishes and is up there with the likes of stews, pies and curries when it comes to comfort food to enjoy in the cooler months. It’s also likely to have a...
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