Ready to crack into the winter Slow Cooker recipes?!


Wanting to get creative in the kitchen this winter? Looking to dust off the slow cooker and need some delicious ideas to get you inspired? Don’t worry – we have all your winter warmer recipes sorted!


What is more winter than breaking out the slow cooker, throwing together a brew, letting it simmer all day, and then digging into a delicious flavourful meal. All the rich, hearty winter flavours you need wrapped up into one satisfying scoop! It not only gets you into the winter spirit, but also saves you time in the evenings – meaning you can sit back and relax knowing dinner is done. The hardest question you will have all day is which recipe to choose!


Who doesn’t love a delicious stew, slow cooked pasta, or flavourful soup in these cooler months? In winter we naturally seek out comfort, looking for ways to keep warm and escape the chill. Colder weather actually creates biological changes that make us want to eat more and move less during winter – an instinct dating back thousands of years to when we needed to conserve energy and resources during the winter months. Now days we are a little more adapted to being able to handle seasonal change, but the instinct to conserve and comfort are still something we experience today.


So, for all our at-home chefs looking for a slow cooker challenge, look no further for your dose of winter warmer classics! We have searched far and wide for the best recipes (and most unique), for you to try out once you dust off the slow cooker. Creating this collection of six Slow Cooker dinner ideas you MUST try this winter!

  1. Crock-Pot Chicken Noodle Soup


A comforting favourite, this chicken noodle soup recipe will be a dinner time staple this winter. Easy enough for anyone to have a try at making, it’s a perfect opportunity to get the kids involved and cooking in the kitchen. It is sure to be a favourite!


  1. Slow Cooked Braised Steak & Onions


We can’t have an ultimate slow cooker recipe list without including a beef stew! This is a classic beef dinner made even easier – simple ingredients, delicious flavours, and a perfect hit of caramelised flavour to tie it all together.


  1. Easy Slow Cooker Pulled Pork


Not necessarily a whole meal, but this easy slow cooked pork recipe could become a winter staple for a few different dinners each week. Perfectly tender with a delicious sauce to finish it off. You could use your pork for tacos, burgers, stew, salads, pasta and more – the opportunities are endless!


  1. Vegetable Stew with Cheddar Dumplings


This is for all those veggie lovers! A twist on the classic stew, making it vegetarian friendly without compromising on comfort in winter. Enjoy all those hearty flavours, creamy sauce and pillowy cheese dumplings. Simply throw together your veggies, set, and forget until dinner time. It’s that easy!


  1. Slow Cooked Chili Mac & Cheese


Delicious, rich and loaded with beef and veggies. This will be sure to be a slow cooked winner! A Mexican inspired take on the classic mac & cheese flavours – this is the ultimate comfort meal for those cold winter nights.


  1. Dumplings with Rhubarb Compote


Don’t worry – we didn’t forget about dessert! Enjoy these sweet fluffy dumplings and delicious rhubarb pairing for this true winter warmers classic. Have this slow cooking all day or put this together in the afternoon, and enjoy the perfect treat once dinner is finished.



So now we are leaving you with the hardest question of all – which one will you be trying out first?! During our search we found so many other ideas for slow cooked winter warmers to get you inspired – it was hard to pick just six! Will it be a classic slow cooked braised steak? Maybe a chicken noodle soup? Or perhaps a sweet treat of dumplings with rhubarb compote.


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