Our Coffee Story

Founded on the mission to bring that perfect cup and flavour to Port Macquarie.

The Perfect Cup

The feeling of satisfaction when the perfect cup of coffee hits your lips is one of life’s greatest feelings.

Hastings Coffee Co. was founded on the mission to bring that perfect cup and flavour to Port Macquarie. The Westport Club sought out a partner to ensure our coffee was the greatest in town. The result; a wonderful partnership with well-regarded Australian Coffee producer ONA Coffee and world Barista Champion, Saša Šestić – who have specially roasted a unique coffee blend for Hastings Coffee Co.

Not only that, our team of Baristas receive training from the best at ONA coffee to ensure the perfect cup every time.

ONA is a strong believer in ethically sourced beans and works directly with farmers all over the world from farms in Honduras, Central America, to Africa, India and Papa New Guinea. ONA was the founder of Project Origin.

Project Origin brings together hundreds of coffee producers across 10 countries and works with farmers, exporters and co-operatives to create a positive culture in the coffee trade.

The organisation is committed to community, sustainability and on-going development to assist farmers and workers in creating positive change to impact their overall quality of life.

Find out more about ONA Coffee and Project Origin.

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