Where does coffee come from?

The story of that mysterious little brown bean traces back to the 13th century. After travelling out of Ethiopia in Africa, its popularity spread through Egypt & Yemen. It continued to grow and grow until it reached the Middle East, Persia & Turkey during the 16th century. When it finally arrived in Europe during the early 17th Century, it gained a bad reputation and was allegedly deemed ‘the bitter invention of Satan’ by Venetian priests. How anyone could ever think the effects of coffee were evil, is beyond us – who could condemn the mood-boosting, buzz inducing effects of such a caffeinated wonder!?

No longer the devil’s work

Once a commodity, coffee is now found in almost all pantries, and some of the world’s best is available right here, at Hastings Coffee Co. With blends that include beans from Brazil, Indonesia and India, our brew has all the familiar yet unique tastes you want: hazelnut, chocolate, spice, and everything nice.

Our coffee story is close to our heart

We are a café and bakery, trading for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We have a very simple philosophy: we source the best local produce we can, we extract the best in the coffee bean we can, and we serve it with love, care and a smile.

Coffee made with love means knowledgeable staff who are passionate about quality service, who have artistic, edgy flair and a caring nature that shows an appreciation for the journey coffee takes you on. We make your favourite brew your way and we respect the product we are serving to you.

We are a strong believer in ethically sourced beans and have ensured that our supplier works directly with the farmers at Origin. The Farmer-Direct philosophy offers great transparency throughout the supply chain and ensures a fair price paid to the growers.

Our blend

Those little beans that bring the buzz are rated on a 100 point scoring system that assesses body, balance, sweetness, clarity and acidity. A brew that scores 80 points or more is considered to be a specialty coffee. At Hastings Coffee Co. we are proud to use an 85 point blend of ethically-sourced beans.

The Hastings Coffee Co. blend is made up of 60% naturally processed Brazil, 20% Indonesia and 20% India beans. This makes for a cup that is mild in flavour, yet full-bodied. The Hastings flavour profile evokes the sweetness of caramel, with hints of malt, nuts and spices.

Coffee is our absolute passion in life. We are constantly improving our knowledge and technique in all things caffeinated so that we may bring you better product. Our talented team are always happy to share our knowledge. We believe that by sharing and helping, we can further this industry as a whole.

There is a lot of hype about coffee and food these days and that sometimes it can be confusing or alienating, especially for those not in the industry. At Hastings Coffee Co., we endeavour to deliver the tastiest, premium product without any pretentiousness, whether you’re new to the café world or a seasoned professional.

We want to make your day better

Our menu changes with the seasons and we love it when we can help someone discover a new and exciting favourite. We will find something to make you smile.

Getting together for a ‘cuppa’ has become the catalyst for conversation. It has long been the reason that groups get together, and it forms the foundations of many friendships.

So drop in, whether you’re after some sourdough to take home or a quick caffeine hit at our Hastings River takeaway window after your morning walk. Join us for a lazy afternoon people watching and indulging in some of our delicious baked treats. No matter the time of day, we’ve got it all covered at Hastings Coffee Co.

Coffee beans and coffee cup

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