Need some winter warmers motivation?!


Struggling to resist the urge to hit snooze? Chilly mornings making you want to snuggle up and stay in bed? A winter slump does not have to be inevitable! We have curated the best winter warmers tips to beating that winter mindset and staying motivated despite the chill.


It’s almost getting to that time of year again. The days get shorter, mornings get colder, and we maybe even get a little drizzle of rain (or a lot!). It gets easier to hit snooze for just 5 more minutes, stay snuggled up in bed and keep warm just a little bit longer. But is that really helping us in the long run? The odds really are stacked against us in winter – fighting that inner voice that tells us to retreat and hibernate once things get a little chilly. Healthy habits are a lot easier to keep in summer and spring! Studies show that winter is more likely to bring a break in routine, with people favouring comfort to sooth their wellbeing.


While it’s absolutely ok to savour those comforts in winter, having those few more sleep ins, skipping the gym, indulging in those hearty delicious foods – let’s be real, we’re not all perfect! But, you also don’t want to lose all your hard-earnt habits made over the warmer months and be left starting from the beginning again once spring starts to bloom.


Why is it harder to be motivated in winter?


Waking up earlier is one of those habits that sets us up to succeed for the day and start smashing our goals! While it is a lot easier to wake up with the sun shining and birds chirping in summer, it can still be made possible to keep your consistency once it gets cooler and darker. Studies in the European Journal of Preventative Cardiology discovered the link between lack of vitamin D in winter impacting our motivation as lack of the vitamin slows our ability for the heart and lungs to supply oxygen to our muscles. This means that it’s harder for us to get up and move around in winter, and that we need to push a little bit harder to get our routines consistent!


So, let’s get into our top winter warmers tips – guaranteed to get you motivated and have the most productive winter yet!


1. Don’t hit snooze!

Our first and most straight forward tip – don’t hit snooze! Set your alarm as normal (don’t forget to still allow some sleep-in’s!) and get out of bed when it goes off. If you wake up before your alarm sounds – perfect, get out of bed as soon as you’re awake. Don’t be tempted to keep snoozing or pushing back your alarm. The quicker you can get out of bed and moving around the better you will feel.


winter warmers alarm snooze


2. Do something active

Don’t be tempted to skip your usual workouts or exercise activity during these colder mornings. While it may feel like you have no energy, you’re too cold, or just want to jump back into bed – it will really set you up for the day (and be sure to wake you up) by getting moving! This could be going to the gym, trekking out for a walk, a quick at-home yoga session, or dance around the living room. Pick something that makes you happy and that you will enjoy! Extra points if you are able to do your exercise outside and get some of that much needed vitamin D to increase oxygen supply. If you’re walking along the river be sure to pop into Hastings Coffee Co. for your morning fix of coffee!


winter warmers active


3. Drink some water

Did you know that water naturally stimulates the body to stay awake? Forget the coffee and caffeine – water is your natural alternative! Have your water on your side table or near your bed to encourage the habit of drinking water early.


4. Have your tea or coffee ready to go!

Convenience is key! Make your tea, coffee, hot chocolate, chai latte or whichever your go-to drink may be, prepped and ready to make. This might mean making sure the kettle or coffee machine is topped with water, coffee tin is full, or getting your cup and spoon out. Think about the little things that will make life (and the walk to the coffee machine) that much easier!


coffee winter warmers


5. Prepare in advance

Being prepared is another element of your winter warmers morning routine that just makes life easier. Get a few more minutes to relax with your coffee or scroll through Facebook knowing that you already have a few little things ticked off your to-do list. This might be packing your lunch the night before, having your clothes picked out in advance, slippers and dressing gown ready to dive into. Little things like these give you something to look forward to in the morning and make your mindset a lot more relaxed.


6. Have a hot drink before bed

A good night’s sleep makes waking up early a lot better! Resist the temptation of binging your latest favourites on Netflix or scrolling through TikTok as you drift off and start to put in place some habits to maximise your sleep. Having a hot drink before bed is one of those ways you can start to initiate that evening wind down process and get your body and mind prepared for sleep. Stick away from caffeinated drinks that will do the opposite of what you’re aiming for. Instead try a hot chocolate, chai latte, or sleepy tea to wind down.





Now it’s time for you to get moving – which of these morning winter warmers ideas will you be starting in your routine? Going for a (chilly!) early morning walk as the sun rises? Having a sleepy tea before bed? Or maybe starting your day off right the night before by having your bags packed and ready to go! You definitely have a lot to choose from.


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