Do you have your Easter Gifts sorted?!


Struggling for Easter Gift ideas? Wanting to make a switch from the classic chocolate gifting to something a little more personalised? Well, you are in luck! We have your ultimate Easter Gift Guide for 2022, guaranteed for you to find a gift to suit the whole family.


Each year it seems Easter branches more and more away from the traditional swap of chocolate eggs and easter hunts that were once staples. Now, Easter takes place as one of the most iconic holidays of the year, our shops filled with different Easter-inspired treats, homewares, craft creations, and baking options to really hop into the season. While you will still find chocolate eggs and bunnies taking centre stage in many little Easter baskets this year, there is now more variety than ever to allow you to add a little something special to their gifts that will last a bit longer than the day (because who really has any chocolate left the day after?!).


Easter gift-giving originated thousands of years ago in ancient cultures, linking the symbolism of the spring season to good harvest and the Anglo-Saxon goddess of spring, Eostre. In ancient times farmers would pray and make offerings to this goddess in the form of gift baskets, preparing for the beginning of spring. This tradition continued to develop through European folklore, telling of a hopping hare leaving a basket of coloured eggs for children. Easter became what we know today when settlers immigrated to America with their traditions and adopted them into the Christianity belief system.


Now days we celebrate Easter with a combination of those ancient traditions, we have the much-loved Easter Bunny, chocolate eggs, cute spring chickens, gift baskets, and a theme of celebrating the spring season. While in Australia we are entering Autumn, we can still appreciate all the cute bunnies and chicks we see in Easter themed items!


So, let’s get into the Easter Gift Guide – guaranteed to offer you all the Easter Gift inspiration you need to have the best Easter yet!


1. Homemade Chocolate Easter Eggs

Ok so we know we said this gift guide would give you some inspiration to go beyond traditional chocolate egg gifting – but is it really Easter without chocolate?! We just had to mention the most iconic Easter gift of all! A crowd pleaser for kids, parents, grandparents, family, friends, and everyone in-between. This year if you are looking for convenience you might be best picking out some eggs from the shops, but if you’re looking for a challenge and want something that little more special try making some yourself! They are quite simple to make and are great fun for little helpers to get involved with! You can get really creative with your designs and are sure to impress all your guests with these homemade delights at Easter.

Homemade Easter Eggs


2. Festive Easter Pyjamas

Another staple in any Easter Gift Guide – a fresh pair of PJs! Sure to be another crowd pleaser (because who doesn’t love new pyjamas?) and allows you to get inspired and pick out a unique design your family and friends may not have chosen themselves. With this gift the sky really is the limit with budgeting! You can check out your local Kmart or Target for some more affordable options, splash a little cash with a nicer quality pair from somewhere like Peter Alexander, or really go all-out with a fancy silk pair that is sure to keep you in the good-books until Christmas! Extra points for this gift choice if you buy a matching set for your giftees (because who wouldn’t want to all wear matching bear onesies together at Easter?).

Easter Gift Pyjamas


3. Etsy Crafts

Sure to please all the arts and crafts lovers in your life – check out festive gifts on Etsy! Not only are you sure to find something special and unique (maybe even personalised?), you are also supporting small businesses with your purchases. A quick search on Etsy is sure to keep you entertained for hours browsing and find you something unique for everyone on your gift list!

Etsy Gift Ideas


4. Festive Bath Products

This one is for everyone who loves to relax! Another classic gift changed-up to be more festive for Easter – check out some fun themed bath bombs, shower gel, or body scrubs. Because who doesn’t want a cute Easter Bunny soap?! Lush is a great online store to buy festive bath products for convenience, but you could definitely check out your local stores or sellers for more options (or even try out your skills to make some eggciting homemade products yourself!).

Easter Bath Products


5. Easter Cookies

Another baking inspired gift option – you can either make the cookies and gift them or put all the ingredients together and gift them for someone to make with your recipe! This choice gives you some flexibility in the delivery of the gift (and can be convenient if you’re running short on time), allowing you to spend as much time as you’d like on the creation. A particularly fun gift and activity for the little bunnies of your life – give them the baked cookies and let them go all out with some decorating fun. Keeps them occupied for hours while you can dig into their Easter chocolate (shhh!).

Easter Cookies Baking


6. Local Produce Hamper

Choose to gift local this Easter and showcase the regional produce in your area! There are so many local producers that create heaps of options for hampers to gift. Cheese, wine, sauce, jam, and even bagels – you are sure to find something for everyone. Visitors will be delighted by trying local unknown produce, and locals might find a new favourite!

Port Macquarie Hamper


Now it’s time for you to decide – what are you filling your Easter baskets with this year? Chocolate, a fresh pair of PJs, carrot shaped soaps, or maybe a hamper of the best local produce? You are not short of choice!


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If you’re looking for somewhere to spend your Easter long-weekend, be sure to check out our festivities at The Westport Club. A delicious breakfast at Hastings Coffee Co., lunch with a view at Aqua Restaurant, or maybe some evening drinks up in Jimmy’s Bar & Lounge – we have you sorted! We are open all throughout the long-weekend 8am – 3am daily.