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GALentine’s Day

Hearts, roses, teddy bears, chick flicks, cliches flying about… sigh. If you’re one of the people that dread the 14th of February every year, you’re not alone. Singles and couples alike often choose to completely disregard the day or view...

Rain in Port Macquarie?

So you’ve arrived in Port Macquarie for your Summer holidays – expecting sunshine and endless days at the beach. Instead, you’ve been greeted with the type of set-in rain that just doesn’t seem to understand that it’s not welcome, and...

Melbourne Cup Day 2020 Photo Gallery

In a year where we were expecting there may not be a celebration at all, we were elated to share Melbourne Cup Day 2020 with so many wonderfully familiar faces. It was a day of laughter and cheer that was...

How to spend 25,000 dollars

Our members’ jackpot has climbed all the way past $25,000! We’re bringing you some ideas on how you could spend that newfound cash, just in case you’re our lucky winner. Don’t forget to be at The Westport Club for our twice-weekly draws.

Queen’s Birthday Long Weekend

Updated 31 May 2018 Finally, the extra day off work we all look forward to! The Queen’s Birthday Long Weekend is more than just a chance to enjoy 3 glorious days off work. Yes, the time off is great, but as...
Champagne 600 x 400

How to spend $40,000 – the ultimate guide

With The Westport Club Members’ Jackpot now at a record high, we asked our loyal Facebook followers how to spend $40,000. The top things our fans said they would spend their prize money on included: Holiday Wedding New car or boat...
Father's Day gift ideas

Father’s Day gift ideas your Dad will love

Updated 16 August, 2018. Father's Day is the day to celebrate our much-loved Dads. The man we look to for giant bear hugs and secret handshakes. A guy who might not be overly fashionable, who loves to tinker with tools and BBQ meat; He's the...
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