Hearts, roses, teddy bears, chick flicks, cliches flying about… sigh. If you’re one of the people that dread the 14th of February every year, you’re not alone. Singles and couples alike often choose to completely disregard the day or view it with contempt, or at least a bit of an eye roll. This year, why not look for the positive? We encourage you to view Valentine’s Day simply as a reminder to appreciate the love in your life. It could be romantic love, the love for your family, a special bond with a pet or the feeling of wonderful friendship. Que – Galentine’s Day! Galentine’s Day is celebrated on the 13th of February every year, created (by Parkes and Rec character, Leslie Knope) to highlight the beauty and necessity of female friendship.

Yes, it is specifically aimed at women who wish to celebrate the special gals in their life, and may not directly relate to you or your circumstance. In saying that, it’s really just a fantastic way to spread the theme of love around as broadly as possible! We’ve thought of a few fun ways you can celebrate love, your gals, or whoever you wish to show some appreciation for.

Galentine's Day

Dinner for two, or three, or four?

You could be looking ahead at Val/Galentine’s Day and thinking, urgh – I don’t have anyone to spend it with. Why not be proactive and make some plans? Dinner for two is ONE option – why not make it for as many people want to join in? Head to your favourite restaurant, out to the movies and grab some ice cream. If you put it out there, you could be surprised by how many people are spending the day alone and may want some company! There’s a million and one things to do in Port Macquarie in this beautiful weather we’ve been having – and Val/Galentine’s Day is on a weekend this year! Sunday, fun-day?

Be kind to yourself

Maybe after the last few months, it’s time to acknowledge that your best gal pal is YOU! Take some time to love on yourself, you deserve it, and you need it. Has it been a while since you moved your body, or have you been dreaming of a facial or a massage? Do you simply need some time alone to clear your head? Make a date with yourself and give yourself a treat. Investing in your wellness is very important all year round, and as Val/Galentine’s day is a great reminder to celebrate love, let it be a reminder that self-care should always be a priority.

Celebrate whoever in your life makes you smile

If you’re struggling to think of a person or relationship to celebrate this year, think of the last person (or animal) that made you smile! It could be a neighbour who brought your bins in for you last week, or the cashier at the corner store near your house who always remembers your name. Remember that person, and think of something you could do to make them smile in return! Bake some thoughtful treats, pick some flowers from your garden. Maybe offer to walk a pet or babysit their children. Gifts or gestures don’t have to cost you money, and true thoughtfulness is a fantastic spreader of love.

Give to your neighbour

How lucky are we to have people to love

While you’re considering the people that make you smile, take the opportunity to appreciate how lucky we are! Whether it’s a chat to a neighbour, a visit to your local club, or a weekend away with family. We live in a wonderfully connected and loving community here in Port Macquarie. We really shouldn’t take it for granted! Is all this talk of love making you feel a little disconnected after this strange and crazy year? Fear not. We encourage you to check out our Sub & Affiliated Clubs. They aren’t just sporting clubs, they also include interests such as travel, community service and public speaking! They are each full of delightful locals just waiting to meet you. Remember, social connection is a part of self-care too!

So, there really isn’t any excuse not to see Val/Galentine’s day in a more positive light. Even if just to spread some love and joy to those around you. If, by chance you are still looking for something a little more on the romance side of things (without putting in too much work 😉) let us take care of it for you! Valentine’s Day dinner by the water is sorted.