It’s officially spooky season!


Want some inspiration on how you can celebrate Halloween this year? It’s time to get out the lollies, light some pumpkin-spice candles, and load up the spiderwebs with creepy crawlies!


Halloween is here again! Traditionally an American celebrated and commercialised holiday, Halloween has slowly gained momentum over the past several years in Australia to become something celebrated by many people today. While we might not see houses decorated to the extreme, or streams of children running around on October 31st collecting candy – we can still bring a little spookiness to our day and celebrate the fun festivity!


Halloween’s origins can be traced back thousands of years where people believed that on that day the souls of the dead returned to their homes. This is where the tradition of dressing up in costumes started – people believing they needed to scare away these spirits with their fancy dress. Today we see this transformed into the hordes of witches, ghosts, and vampires we see dressed up on the night.


So why the need for handing out lollies to visiting trick-or-treaters? Easy – it’s the confectionary companies! They wanted a holiday that convinced people they needed to buy their candy – actually beginning the downsizing of chocolate bars and lolly packets to the single serves on offer today. It was this commercialisation of the holiday (and the convenience of offering a chocolate bar instead of thinking of a trick with every doorknocker!), that lead to candy being so important to how we celebrate and view Halloween today.


But it’s doesn’t have to be all about the lollies and chocolates! Get ready to celebrate the scariest day of the year your way! We have created the ultimate list of ways you can enjoy the day by bringing both tricks and treats. Follow along for the ultimate guide to spooky inspiration!



1. Decorate your place!


Break out the cobwebs and put up the gravestones! This is the time of year it’s ok to have the scariest looking house on the streets – lack of gardening for the week prior is encouraged to really set the scene. Check out your local Kmart, Big W or Target to load up on Jack’O Lanterns, creepy-crawlies, and scary decorations to let everyone know your celebrating the spooky season!


This is also the perfect opportunity for if you (or someone else you know) doesn’t want to encourage trick-or-treaters, then skip the decorations. This will help the scary little ghosts and ghouls know which houses to skip.


celebrate halloween



2. Watch a scary movie


The easiest way to enjoy the scariest night of the year – by watching a scary movie! Cozy up at home and break out the popcorn. Netflix and other streaming providers have heaps of spooky movies for you to choose from, all without having to leave your home.


celebrate halloween



3. Get creative!


If you’re wanting more of a low-key way to enjoy the day, getting creative with Halloween crafts is the perfect way to go! Try carving out a pumpkin, creating some unique spooky decorations, or making some festive treats to get into the spirit. Check out Pinterest for some great ideas and inspiration for your next scary project.


spooky crafts



4. Add a little bit of ‘boo’ to your outfit


Choosing your costume is one of the most important parts of the holiday! Whether you are going all-out with a design you have been working on for months, grabbing an easy outfit from the shops, or adding just a little bit of ‘boo’ to your outfit like some earrings or a headband (extra points if you have used the ‘Get Creative’ section to make yourself something to wear!), you have plenty of choices to show you’re celebrating.


celebrate halloween



5. Load up the lollies


If you have a sweet tooth – this is your day! Stock your stash with all your favourites (be sure to see the supermarket specials the weekend before for some cheap deals) and relax while you wait for the trick-or-treaters to knock on your door.


Tip – if you are welcoming trick-or-treaters try to pick sweets that are pre-wrapped and easier for little hands to pick up without spreading germs to the rest of visitors.


spooky season



So now it’s time to get spooky! Will you be bunkering down for a scary-movie night? Maybe braving the crowds and dressing up in the perfect costume? Or playing arts & crafts and carving up a pumpkin? The choice is yours when you celebrate Halloween your way! Be sure to tag us in your Halloween festivities and we’ll share the spooky spirit on our stories.


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