It’s time to get spring cleaning!


Feeling the need to reset and refresh? Ready to declutter and prepare for the warmer months? Look no further – we have your spring-cleaning essential tips sorted!


As the days get longer and weather starts to get warmer it quickly becomes that time of year again were we start to get organised! Often Spring is used as that calendar date to initiate a house-wide clean, declutter cupboards and maybe refresh décor for the new season. Originally starting centuries ago, the ‘Spring-Clean’ was used as a time of preparation for many cultures. Now the modern-day spring-clean is much more holistic – urging people to clean up everything from their homes, technology, finances, and health!


While some people thrive on resetting their homes and cleaning out junk that may be clogging their cupboards, studies show that two-thirds of homeowners find this time overwhelming and time-consuming. The parts they find the most challenging? Cleaning appliances and their windowsills! Nearly 45% of homeowners admit to neglecting (or completely avoiding!) one or both of these tasks. But it doesn’t have to be daunting!


Get ready for the ultimate list of tips to put the spring into your cleaning routine! We have searched far and wide for the best kept tips and tricks to make spring-cleaning your new favourite time of year. Creating this checklist of 5 Spring Cleaning Tips to get you ORGANISED!


  1. Make a Schedule


The key to spring-cleaning with purpose is to stay organised! Have a plan and stick to it. Often people can get distracted, procrastinate, or give up when it gets too overwhelming. Make your schedule purposeful and motivating! Don’t try to tackle all the jobs you dislike first – space them out and tick off some easier tasks along the way. Use your schedule as the blueprint of your cleaning plans! The right list can be the difference between a successful spring-clean or creating more work for yourself later on.

make a schedule spring cleaning


  1. Clear the Clutter!


Decluttering is key! Clear your clutter before you start your actual cleaning process to reduce the amount you have to clean. Separate your things into piles to keep, donate, store, or throw away. You could even try selling some good condition items on Facebook Marketplace for a bit of extra cash. If decluttering makes you nervous and brings out your sentimental side, think – have you used or worn this in the past year? If not, it’s time to move on. You’ll be thanking yourself later when you have nice, clean, and organised spaces!


  1. Go Room by Room


Sometimes it’s best to start at the basics. Tackle room by room and take your cleaning process slower. There is no rush! You can use your schedule here to allocate certain days or weeks to clean particular spaces and make your list of to-dos more manageable.

spring cleaning declutter


  1. Keep your Cleaning Supplies Minimal 


Choose your supplies wisely! A big part of how spring-cleaning can become overwhelming is to overthink the amount of cleaning supplies, tools, or gadgets you need to get a job done. Find supplies that can be multipurpose (most of the time cleaning products have very similar ingredients!) and organise them in a way that you can pick up and move onto a new space quickly. Having a caddy filled with your essentials is a great way to keep it simple! If the caddy is overflowing, then it’s time to refine your choice of supplies.


  1. Do a Safety Check!


One that may slip your mind is to keep on top of your household safety checks throughout the year. This can include checking fire alarms are in working order, your fire extinguishers are accessible, BBQ’s have been cleaned and gas bottles checked, heaters and air conditioners are serviced, and pools are compliant. Spring is a great season to get some of these things checked and bring you peace of mind over the next year.

spring safety cleaning


So now it’s time to get cleaning! What will you be starting with first? Get your checklist ready and start prioritising your list of to-dos. Is there a cupboard filled with things to declutter? Maybe time to tackle your wardrobe? You’ll be feeling refreshed and ready for summer in no time!


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