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Community is what drives Our Vision at The Westport Club. We are driven to making a significant contribution to the quality of community life and supporting others and organisations to do the same! We wanted to shine a light on an initiative and organisation that embodies this very Vision – creating a connected and supportive community within our region.


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Endeavour Mental Health Recovery Clubhouse is a revolutionary initiative that opened in Port Macquarie during 2015. Located on Hastings River Drive, Endeavour aims to provide vital support and resources for members of our local community recovering from or living with a mental illness. They offer a refuge of a safe, caring, and resilient environment where individuals can go to build self-confidence, vocational and social skills. An essential resource in our community during a time where mental illness and mental health issues are steadily increasing.


“Endeavour Clubhouse exists to help people with mental illness regain the self-esteem, skills, and dignity to attain a productive place within our community.”


As a non-clinical facility, Endeavour has founded itself as being a place of belonging and connection. Encouraging their members to be the leader in their recovery process whilst offering the support to achieve their goals. This creates a unique opportunity that sets them apart from typical facilities that lack that same connectedness. Activities offered are determined by their members and are operated by both volunteers and support staff. A typical day at Endeavour for members might include meal planning and preparation, safe food handling, gardening, arts & crafts, as well as physical activities like ten-pin bowling, walking, and swimming.


“Endeavour is a place to interact, learn, make friends, and regain confidence by being an active productive and proactive member.”


Their purpose is simple – provide a safe environment for people to gain the self esteem to care for themselves, integrate back into the community, reduce rates of hospitalisation, and guide to gain meaningful employment. As community is at the core of our vision at The Westport Club, we have been proud supporters of Endeavour Clubhouse since their opening. Continuously aiming to collectively support and achieve the vision Endeavour has for their facility and initiatives that arise as demand increases. Our ClubGRANTS have supported Endeavour with the funding for computers, upgrade lighting for the clubhouse, replacement garden beds after being destroyed by the floods, and now providing vital funding for the purchase of a defibrillator for the clubhouse.


The purchase of an in-house defibrillator was a highly sought-after investment by the clubhouse for peace of mind and protection in an emergency event. In Australia it is estimated that only 22% of people have had current CPR training, and even less can distinguish between a cardiac arrest and a heart attack. Having a defibrillator brings the confidence back to bystanders in an emergency – providing them the tools that could save someone’s life. This defibrillator is simple to use and has a voice-activated system where it will pick up heart activity and say what action is required next while waiting for paramedics to arrive.


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As a registered charity and crucial community asset, Endeavour relies on the generosity of the local community, clubs, and service groups to maintain the facility, staffing, programs, and modern resources like their new defibrillator. With over 800 members who have utilised the clubhouse and its services since 2015 this incredible community facility brings empowerment to its members as they navigate their recovery journey. Rob Moorehead who manages Endeavour, is a strong and passionate advocate for raising awareness of the clubhouse’s services throughout the community. Ensuring those who need support are able to get it when in need. Rob is always happy to accept invitations to speak at meetings, workshops or assemblies on mental health and the importance of the clubhouse to our local community. We are continually proud to be able to support Endeavour and the members of our community who rely on this service as part of their recovery program.


Interested in learning more?


If you would like to learn more about Endeavour Mental Health Recovery Clubhouse you can see more on their website here, or Facebook page here. You can also reach out to Rob at rob.moorehead@endeavourclubhouse.com.au


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