Are your ready for an ultimate winter movie night?!


With the nights getting cooler it’s becoming the perfect time to cosy up and have a winter movie night! Who doesn’t love sitting down, chilling out, getting the best movie-approved snacks, and preparing for the ultimate night in? Whether it’s watching the latest season of Stranger Things, a classic like Harry Potter, kids-favourite Encanto, or letting Netflix pick you a random flick – these tips will ensure you have the best movie night with family and friends.


With the rise of social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, it often becomes an exercise of go-big-or-go-home with themed at-home events like a home cinema! A competition of who has the biggest (and most extra) setup with invitations, banners, decorations, and a selection of snacks to suit. That’s why we have taken the stress of organising a fuss-free movie night and created the tips and tricks you need to get planning!


So, let’s get into the Ultimate Movie Night guide – guaranteed to offer you all the academy-award winning inspiration to make you the envy of any star and ensure everyone is wondering when your next movie night will be!

1. A Good Movie!

An obvious essential – choose your movie! Whether it’s a fan favourite, much-loved classic or something new, the choice is yours. If you have a crowd, you could do a questionnaire before the night and put it out to them to select the flick – or surprise them on the night. Extra points if you can theme your night around the movie (Butterbeer on arrival for all our Harry Potter fans!).


Also consider where you are viewing your movie. Are you bunkering down in your home cinema (lucky you), transforming the lounge room, or maybe taking it outside to have a movie under the stars? Get your screens ready and audio tested before the premier to make sure that you are all set ahead of time.


outdoor cinema movie night


2. Snacks, Snacks, Snacks

Is it even a movie night without good snacks?! While you may be the type that likes to go healthy and crunch on carrot sticks and drink kombucha – fun party snacks are the perfect way to get into the movie theme and create a real cinema experience. Whether it’s recreating a favourite from the movie itself, mocking up a menu of real-life cinema classics (who doesn’t love some popcorn and lollies), or going a bit luxe and creating a snacking experience – this is absolutely the element where you can get the most creative!


On our search we found this incredible Sundae Station idea – just grab a few ice-cream varieties, some sundae cups, and your choice of mix-in’s, it’s that easy!


sundae station winter movie night


3. Get Comfy!

Comfort is essential for any movie night! When you’re sitting down and watching a film for a few hours you don’t want your guests watching the clock and counting down until they can stand up and stretch out. Gather your pillows, cushions and blankets and create the comfiest experience ever! The more the better! Extra points if you find decorative cushions as cute as this one below.


winter movie night


4. Don’t forget the drinks

With all the excitement around the snacks, sometimes your cinema-worthy drinks can be an afterthought. But they don’t have to be! The perfect winter warming drink is of course a Hot Chocolate – always with the option to put a twist on this and switch it up to be a White-Hot Chocolate or Caramel Mocha, whatever you fancy. But we are all about making this an experience to remember so why not make the marshmallows the showstopper of this treat?! Something like these cute cloud marshmallows is sure to make everyone wanting seconds!


winter warmers


If you want to sample these delicious marshmallows from The Marshmallow Co., be sure to check out our fire pit operating on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights during winter where we are having complimentary tastings.


5. Send out the invites!

What would a true movie night be without having a crew to enjoy it with?! Invite your friends and family along to the night to show off all your hard work! It’s the perfect way to warm your winter with the ones that mean the most.


winter movie night



Get ready to create an Oscar-worthy viewing experience this winter! What tip will you be trying out at your next winter movie night?! Setting up your very own Sundae Station would be our pick (and is sure to impress any guest). Your hardest decision will be which movie to start with!


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If you’re looking for the ultimate outdoor movie experience, be sure to come along to our Encanto premier on the big screen! Lock in the date (Saturday, August 20th), gather up your family & friends, and bring your cosy setup. We have Hastings Coffee Co., stocked with all your movie and candy bar snack essentials on the night! You can find out more about the event here, as well as other events over this winter season.