Ready to get your winter garden ready?!


Calling all green thumbs! Ready to get your garden into shape for winter? Not sure how to get prepared or what to plant? Don’t worry – we have you covered! We have put together your ultimate guide to winter warmers gardening that will provide inspiration for all.


This one is for all our gardening enthusiasts! Experienced, new, or maybe just hopeful – now is the time of year to start thinking and planning out your winter gardening plans. What will grow best? When can you harvest? How can I best prepare my garden for a cooler change? We have all your questions answered for gardening in the winter months!


Winter gardening is all about hearty veggies and flowering natives. Keeping your garden simple and well-nourished is essential to having the best results this season – and producing the best produce for you to harvest! It’s important to firstly know about best practice for gardening and planting for your region. Whether your climate is cold, wet, tropical, dry or temperate will greatly affect your choice in plants and their ability to grow throughout the season. As Port Macquarie is a ‘Subtropical’ climate our choice selection includes rich leafy greens, root vegetables and flowering herbs.


While you may think that your winter gardening options are limited, the answer is actually no! Plants have the genetic ability to sense atmospheric changes and adjust in advance to counteract any severe weather changes. This means that during winter most plants will be unaffected by a drop in temperature, instead you may notice growth happening slower and more gradually through the season. It is only when severe changes in weather happen that you may see your garden suddenly suffer.


In anticipation of the cooler months, you can prepare your garden for success regardless of actual weather impacts. Start by weeding your garden beds out. Removing weeds quickly before they seed will keep your garden healthy and provide you the best results for your harvest. Adding mulch and compost is another great way to replenish organic nutrients to the soil and keep root temperatures stable. Getting these few prep items checked off your to-do list early will help you maximise your success over the season!


So, let’s get into our top winter warmers planters – guaranteed to get your garden blooming and looking its best through the season!

  1. Parsley


Parsley loves the sun and does not do well in extreme temperatures. Growing parsley during winter in a subtropical climate is perfect as it gets the best of both worlds – ideal temperature and moderate sun.


Winter warmers parsley


  1. Garlic Bulbs


Make sure your soil is full of compost and the right amount of moisture and reap the results of perfect full bulbs of garlic later! Before you plant, soak your cloves in a solution of bicarbonate soda and water – this will help prevent disease that may be carried in the plant and affect its growing ability.


winter warmers garlic


  1. Mint


Mint prefers partly shaded, damp areas and is at its harvestable best in spring. Preparing it during winter will mean keeping the soil rich with nutrients. But, all your hard work will pay off at the end of the season in warmer temperatures when your mint springs into its full glory!


winter garden


  1. Lavender 


With its Mediterranean origins, lavender loves hot summers and dry winters. Being in a subtropical climate means the plant thrives with the perfect amount of sunshine and rain. Make sure you check which variety of lavender will grow best for your conditions!


winter gardening


  1. Carrots


Carrots can be grown year-round in subtropical climates – loving the sun and being generally easy to grow. Perfect for gardening beginners, planting carrots is easy to manage but do take a while to mature and harvest.


Carrot winter garden


  1. Beetroot


Growing beetroot is perfect during winter where they thrive in the cool conditions. Known for not being fussy, beetroot is another beginner-safe plant to add to your list. Plant in winter and be enjoying fresh rich beets late in the season.


beetroot gardening

     7. Cabbage


Loving cool climates, you’ll find cabbage growing slow but steady. Incredibly hardy, cabbages will develop darker leaves and a richer flavour during the winter months. Check to see which variety will suit your garden beds and planting schedule best!


cabbage gardening


     8. Leafy Greens


Kale, silver beet and spinach will be your leafy green friends over winter! These greens are winter hardy and quick to harvest. They love the sun and are very versatile, making them a staple to plant across a variety of seasons. Keep an eye on them though – they can attract disease quickly, and should be regularly inspected.


Leafy Greens Gardening



Now it’s time for you to get growing – which of these winter warmers planters will you be adding to your garden beds? Fragrant herbs? Or maybe some rich leafy greens? There is heaps of variety to choose from. Cover the basics now and enjoy your harvest later!


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