It’s time to make some charcuterie boards!


Ready to spring into the entertainment season? Wanting to make your parties one to remember? It’s time to WOW your guests with delicious (and stunning!) seasonal charcuterie boards!


With warmer weather quickly creeping up on us it’s time to start getting out of our winter hibernation and starting to plan our spring social plans. Enjoy brunch with bubbles, long lunches at your favourite sunny restaurant, afternoon catch-ups at home or a BBQ dinner with friends – spring is that light at the end of a cold winter tunnel! With newfound possibilities it’s time to upskill your hosting talents and start creating memorable moments with your friends and family.


Charcuterie boards are the newest must-have at any event! The grazing-style boards themselves are filled with different varieties of cheese, meats, fruit, crackers, dips, and sweets. Elements are carefully arranged on a large board or bench (depending on the number of guests you’re feeding!) and are a perfect way to have a little something everyone will enjoy. While the endless inspiration for these boards on Instagram and Pinterest can make the process seem daunting – they can actually be very simple (and delicious) to make!


Get ready to impress your guests this spring with the BEST charcuterie entertainer boards! We have searched far and wide for the best kept tips and tricks to make gorgeous grazing boards for this time of year. Follow along to keep your guests impressed this season!

charcuterie entertainer boards


  1. Pick the RIGHT board


The right setup will make your charcuterie not only easier to setup and manage, but also elevate the boards final presentation. Find a board that suits both the number of guests you have and the amount of grazing items you want to include. It can be easy to get excited and buy plenty of cheese, meats, and crackers – but if there are only two or three people eating you may want to pick a smaller board to keep portions controlled and leave some leftovers for another time! If you’re catering for a larger style event with 100 guests, it might make more sense to use the entire table to fill with goodies. Choose carefully and thank yourself later!


  1. Choose your favourites!


Once your base is chosen it’s time for the fun part – filling it up! When choosing your ingredients there is no right or wrong, just make sure it fits the tastes you like and the purpose of your event. You can keep it classic with some cheeses, meats, and antipasto, or make something memorable for your event like a breakfast grazing board and bubbles for a brunch get together. It’s all about making something that suits you! Charcuterie boards are also a great way to incorporate dietary requirements with ease – simply section anything specifically vegetarian, dairy-free, gluten-free, etc. and label to distinguish!

charcuterie entertainer boards


  1. Vary your textures


Keeping textures diverse is a great way to make your charcuterie board looking it’s best. Choose crackers or crisps that are different in colour, shape, flavour, and crunch. Add fresh carrot or cucumber sticks for some freshness. Vary your cheeses between soft, hard, or gooey. With every element there are ways you can create some diversity and make the grazing elements interesting to eat.


  1. Add your finishing touches!


Top off your board with little extras to make it really stand out from the crowd! This might mean adding some colour with edible flowers, bright fruit like strawberries or blueberries, or including some sweets to compliment your savoury items with a few chocolate pretzels. Little finishing touches will make your charcuterie board vibrant and a gorgeous centrepiece for your next gathering!

charcuterie entertainer board



So now it’s time to put your newfound grazing board creation skills to the test! How will you be setting yours up? Lots of cheese and meats? Maybe keeping it fresh with plenty of seasonal fruit? Or, treating yourself to the ultimate dessert board to end your night? You’ll be everyone’s favourite host in no time!


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