Welcome to the most blissful time of the year; the period between Christmas and New Year spent with family and friends, where you are so relaxed you don’t know what day it is!

We’ve searched the internet and found some awesome recipes for you to use up your leftover ham after Christmas Day, plus you can get back some space in your fridge – yay!


  1. Ham, Tomato and Basil Pasta

Skip the boring ham sandwich and check out this super delicious Ham, Tomato and Basil Pasta. It’s perfect for lunch and dinner… we would recommend adding some garlic bread to soak up that yummy sauce. Click here to view the recipe.


  1. Classic Ham Pizza

Minimal preparation time is ideal for this time of year. Enjoy a classic Ham pizza, simply add your favourite toppings and pop in the oven. The best part is that this recipe is kid-friendly so you can get the family involved! Click here to view the recipe.


  1. Quiche

Arguably one of the best dishes to make when trying to use up leftovers, Quiche is tasty and can be filled with all types of meat and vegetables. It can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch or dinner (or all three if you choose 😉). Click here to view the recipe.


  1. Pea and Ham Soup

Soup and Summer?! Controversial we know… A favourite among our team, Pea and Ham soup is a classic dish that is loved by many all year round. Enjoy with some fresh bread to soak up all the goodness! Click here to view the recipe.


  1. Ham, Zucchini and Chive Muffins

These ham, zucchini and chive muffins make great snacks! They taste best when they are warm straight out of the oven and are so good the kids will love them! Click here to view the recipe.


Ran out of leftovers? Let us do the cooking (and cleaning) for you this festive season at Aqua or Hastings Coffee Co.