Get inspired with new winter hobbies!


Wanting to get creative and keep busy this winter? Needing a refresh to your usual hobbies all whilst keeping warm inside? Look no further – we have all your winter warmer hobbies for this season sorted!


With persistent rain, cooler temperatures, and the forbidden *spicy cough* lingering around, there is a fair chance you may find yourself locked up at home searching for something to keep you busy this winter. It’s the perfect time to get creative, be inspired, and maybe tick off some of those to-do list items you have been meaning to get to! Perfect hobbies to do just yourself, with family or friends, or maybe over Zoom to keep (virtually) close to those in iso – the choice is yours!


Winter is absolutely the time for comfort! While Summer brings us warmth and beautiful sunshine to get out and explore, during Winter we have to be a little more selective in the way we fill our spare time. Days can be unpredictable and outdoor activities can be unreliable to plan for in advance! So, for your next stay-at-home day (or unplanned week inside) you’ll be well prepared for all the cosy activities.


Get ready for the ultimate list of hobbies to warm your winter! We have searched far and wide for the best activities for you to try out this season. Creating this collection of six Winter Hobbies you MUST try!


1. Read a New Book

A winter warming classic – snuggled up, indoors, reading a book that makes the hours slip by. Whether you’re a traditional book reader, prefer an eBook or maybe like to listen to an audiobook, there is plenty of variety to choose from in both physical and online bookstores. If you’re stuck to choose, check out the latest instalments from a book club (like Reese Witherspoon’s ‘Reese’s Book Club’ or Oprah Winfrey’s ‘Oprah’s Book Club’) or maybe some cult favourites from over on BookTok (‘The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo’ by Taylor Jenkins Reid seems to be on everyone’s list!), or maybe a *healthy* dose of retail therapy in a bookstore could cure your indecisiveness.

winter hobbies reading


2. Learn to Knit

We couldn’t make this winter hobbies list without including this icon – knitting! An important skill everyone should try, knitting gives you the flexibility to start a project as short or long as you would like. Have an afternoon to weave something together? A scarf! A few weekends a month? Why not a beautiful chunky knit blanket?! Need a challenge? Start working on a warm winter jumper! With so much adaptability you can create something really unique for yourself or someone special made with love.

winter hobbies knitting


3. Setup an Outdoor Firepit

Brave the cool nights outdoors and setup your own outdoor firepit. This perfect winter warmer gives you the best spot to relax and unwind during the colder months. Enjoy the warmth of the fire with your favourite drink and a gooey toasted marshmallow! Gather with friends or unwind just by yourself – this will be your next favourite winter essential. Bonus points if you have created your own (safe of course) fire pit.

winter warmers firepit


4. Grow a Herb Garden

It will keep you busy and get you back out into the outdoors – grow your own herb garden this winter filled with all your favourites! A fun project that rewards you for your hard work, watch and see your little herb garden spring into life. Perfect for any size space indoors or outdoors – and you get to choose the herbs that suit your taste! A great excuse to get down to Bunnings and see what’s new at the plant nursery. Check out our previous winter gardening blog here, to see what’s in season.

herb garden winter hobbies


5. Learn a New Language

Get ready for your next international adventure by learning some new lingo. It’s a great skill to have and perfect to fill your time with learning something constructive. Just pick a language that interests you most and start simple – think basic numbers, places, letters, short phrases. Duolingo is a great resource to get you started with heaps of languages to choose from and varying levels of difficulty to keep you learning. Not only are you able to speak with more people and travel easier, you can also impress all your friends with a few extra words in your vocabulary at your next dinner party (or firepit party!). Au Revoir!

learn language winter warmers


6. Paint a Masterpiece

It’s time to get the paints out and be inspired! Whether you like to paint what feels right, draft up a design, or keep it simple with a paint-by-numbers – painting can be super relaxing! The perfect way to unwind and stay inside toasty and warm all while creating a beautiful masterpiece. You don’t only get to enjoy a fun winter hobby when painting, but you also get to enjoy the finished design you have created! Hang it up and admire it for years to come.

winter hobbies painting



So now we are leaving you with the hardest question of all – which one will you be trying out first?! During our search we found so many other ideas for winter warming hobbies to get you inspired – it was hard to pick just six! Will you try your hand at painting? Maybe starting a herb garden? Or perhaps dive into a new read?


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