On Wednesday 14 November, The Westport Club hosted the finals for the Regional Mathletics Competition as part of the “Teaching and Learning with Mathletics” Program funded by the Club since 2015.

Today’s competition was all about inspiring students to learn and improve their maths through this fun but challenging online resource. The live competition featured the best maths students from each school in the Program.

The students competed in an open forum, completing a series of two speed and accuracy challenges set by The Westport Club and 3P Learning. The challenges were based on the levels from the online Mathletics website used by competing schools.

The Winners were:

Kinder to Year 3 category

WINNER: Teddy Dazell, Saint Columba Anglican School
SECOND PLACE: Robbie Lavis, Hastings Public School
THIRD PLACE: Keegan Pope, Tacking Point Public School

Year 4 – 6 category

WINNER: Abhishek Amada, Port Macquarie Public School
SECOND PLACE: Jovan Southwell, Westport Public School
THIRD PLACE: Brad Jordan, Tacking Point Public School

School Winner

For highest overall results from the Competition:  St Columba Anglican School, with 197 points.

Congratulations to our winners, and to all finalists! We also want to congratulate all of the students from our region who have continued to participate and excel in the Mathletics Program throughout 2018!

Held annually since 2015, the event was attended by school children, their families, teachers and school principals.

Event gallery

Check out the photos from the 2018 Live Mathletics Challenge at The Westport Club, below.

The Westport Club and Mathletics

The Westport Club has been long known for its contribution to literacy resources not only in local schools, particularly through its donations of books to local school libraries, but also a partnership with Port Macquarie Hastings Council in providing the Mobile Library Van. Mathletics in partnership with 3P Learning (the founders of Mathletics) was seen as an opportunity to increase the support by The Westport Club to the curriculum in place at schools in the region. The program has been funded by The Westport Club over 4 years at an investment of more than $120,000, gifting over 3,000 students from 13 schools with free Mathletics subscriptions from Kindergarten to Year 10 in Port Macquarie.

3P Learning will continue to offer schools within The Westport Club ‘Cluster’ substantial discounts to enable them to continue with their online subscriptions at the conclusion of the program, in 2019.

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