Whisky calls for celebration

We never turn down a reason to celebrate here at The Westport Club. We’ve got a little taste for all celebration styles from an early, energizing coffee celebration at Hastings Coffee Co. to a gourmet dinner at our Aqua restaurant. But there’s nothing better than celebrating an official ‘day’. Especially one all about whisky! World Whisky Day is coming up, and we can’t wait to celebrate with you, in the best whiskey bar in Port Macquarie.

Whisky day

World Whisky Day

This annual day dedicated to our favourite spirit is as straight forward as it gets: Celebrate whisky. World Whisky Day is all about making whisky fun, exciting and enjoyable. You can drink it however you please. There’s no rulebook that says you have to join an exclusive club to indulge in such a fine spirit. You can be a whisky aficionado sitting in your own living room, in an Irish pub in Dublin, or in our fabulous whisky bar in Port Macquarie. There’s no limit on the type of whisky you can enjoy – single malts or blends – we’ve got them all. And we’re not even fussy about how you drink it! All you really need to celebrate is a few nips of whisky and some friends. Share the whisky love and don’t forget to have fun on May 20th.

If you need help starting up some interesting conversation, try explaining the difference between whisky and whiskey. We promise it’ll spark a heated discussion! We’re here to tell you that the spelling is nothing more than a translation difference between the Scottish and Irish. But that’s no reason you can’t make up some explanation of how whiskies without an ‘e’ taste better than ones with it!

World Whisky Day and The Westport Club

We love whisky just as much as the next person. OK – maybe even a little more. That’s probably why we decided that Port Macquarie needed a whisky bar. And it’s definitely why we’re so excited to celebrate such a glorious occasion with our fellow whisky lovers. In case you didn’t know, our Jimmy’s Bar & Lounge has over 100 different whiskies on offer. If that doesn’t prove our love for whisky, then we don’t know what will. To share the passion, we’re offering some treats for your tastebuds on World Whisky Day only.

Whisky day

World Whisky Day Specials

We’re so excited about World Whisky Day, we decided to create some specials to help our guests celebrate all the spirit offers.

  • Enjoy featured whiskies from Ireland, Scotland, Japan and Australia, all served in flights. A world of whisky right at your fingertips.
  • Each country’s whisky flight will be served with food unique to that country. Savour the full cultural experience!
  • Unique cocktails featuring a whisky from each country will also be available. Remember, we won’t judge. If you want to sample Scotland’s finest in a martini glass, that’s totally up to you.

It’s no secret that we can’t wait for World Whisky Day. We want our guests to enjoy the day as much as we do. Venture in and try the specials. And once your World Whisky Day festivities are over, you can always come back again to try one of over 100 whiskies on offer at Jimmy’s. There’s no reason the whiskey celebration should end after May 20th! Come relax and enjoy a drink with us at Port Macquarie’s finest whisky bar – Jimmy’s at The Westport Club.