Winter Warmers 2022

Jimmy's Bar & Lounge

Not just any ol' bar in Port Macquarie - great times are had at Jimmy's. Open daily from 10am.

Everyone’s welcome

From 10am Daily

You’ll find Jimmy’s Bar & Lounge upstairs at The Westport Club.

As you arrive on Level 1, you’ll be greeted by the relaxed vibe, statement bar and stunning river views.

Jimmy’s history is in whisky which you’ll see on display with over 100 vintages glistening behind the bar. Alongside you’ll find an impressive selection of premium local and craft beer, regional Australian wines, and cocktails made with our signature cheeky twist.

It’s easy to see how everyone feels welcome at Jimmy’s.

25 Beers now pouring

For those who love a cold beer by the river, Jimmy’s also has you covered.

There’s a great range of local craft, premium and imported beer to choose from. With 25 Beers on tap now pouring, odds on, you’ll find a new favourite.

Port Macquarie locals know Jimmy’s as the place for celebrating and enjoying life – where everything is chilled and the worries of the world drift away with the stunning views of the Hastings River.

It’s one of the best vantage points in Port Macquarie.

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