Celebrating the humble Lamington


It’s a simple recipe, but as you may have heard before, simple is often the best! The lamington is a traditional Australian ‘delicacy’ and is made by dipping squares of Vanilla sponge cake into chocolate icing, and tossing them in coconut. The two squares are then sandwiched together with a filling of jam and fresh cream, making for a decadent sweet treat that wouldn’t be out of place on any Australia Day buffet. Whether you enjoy your lamington dressed (with jam and cream) or undressed, there’s no denying that this flavour combination is irresistible and also has the ability to transport most Aussies back to their childhood. Most of us would recall door knocking in our neighbourhood; peddling a dozen of these tasty delights in the annual Lamington drive for our school or scout troupe. With World Lamington Day celebrated on 21 July, we thought it poignant to take a look at the origins of the humble yet delicious treat.

Origins of the Lamington

There are a few different versions of the story of how and where the Lamington first came into creation, but what we do know is that they were named after either Governor of Queensland Lord Lamington or Lady Lamington, his wife, and were first officially referred to as the ‘Lamington’ in 1927. There has also been much debate around the original inventor of the cake, but the two potential creators have been identified as either Lord Lamington’s personal chef, Frenchman Armand Galland or Amy Schauer, a cooking teacher from Brisbane Central College. Either way we know that it was originally created in Queensland and first became popular in the early 20th Century, and there’s certainly no debating the fact that lamingtons are a tasty treat worthy of praise and adoration.

World Lamington Day at the Westport Club

On Friday 21 July, Hastings Coffee Co. is celebrating our favourite Australian treat and we have two flavour options for you to choose from; Salted Caramel as well as Jam and Cream and both are $5.50 each ($5 for members).

You can also try a lamington finger and a small coffee as a combo deal for just $5.50 ($5 for members).

All of the lamingtons are made fresh in-house by our team of talented pastry chefs, just for your enjoyment.

World Lamington Day blog graphic

Hastings Coffee Co. is open daily from 7.30am, plus enjoy Hastings By Night from Thursday until Saturday – you can also visit us at our takeaway coffee window along the beautiful Hastings River.

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