With The Westport Club Members’ Jackpot now at a record high, we asked our loyal Facebook followers how to spend $40,000. The top things our fans said they would spend their prize money on included:

  • Holiday
  • Wedding
  • New car or boat
  • Investments and extra mortgage payments
  • A shopping spree
  • Home renovations

Cocktail 600 x 400 how to spend $40,000

One of our respondents said they’d spend their winnings on a big party, and another even suggested that donuts would be on their agenda (why not!?), and that got us thinking. It goes without saying that most of the above spending ideas are to be expected when you think about getting your hands on a huge chunk of cash. Of course it makes more logical sense to do the most sensible thing. But what if you wanted to live a little, to spend your jackpot win on something a bit more fun? We did the research for you and put together a list of some of the things you might not have thought of but that could make your life easier, or bring extra joy into your life, if you had an extra $40,000 in your bank account. Some of the ideas could also brighten the life of other people around you!

Hire a cleaner for the next 10 years

Imagine how much more spare time you would have if you didn’t have to clean your house every week for the next 10 years! You could take up a new hobby or spend more time with your loved ones on the weekend while enjoying a spotless house – double win!

Invest it in yourself

With $40,000 you could enjoy a pedicure every week for the next 25 years! What about having a massage every week for 10 years – now you’re talking! Investing in your self-maintenance is important; keeping your body in tip top condition, as well as  giving you more time to yourself to just zone out and relax. $40,000 would also go a long way towards starting your dream business, or a new university qualification or training certificate, so if you’ve been thinking about up-skilling, re-skilling or changing careers, winning The Westport Club Members’ Jackpot could also help with that!

Make the world your oyster – literally!

We know what you’ve been thinking because we were thinking it too – Just how many donuts could I actually buy with $40,000? Well we did some research for you, and it turns out you could buy a whopping 500 dozen original glaze Krispy Kremes – that’s 6,000 donuts! If donuts aren’t to your taste, you could also enjoy 10,000 coffees from Hastings Coffee Co., 1,290 dozen oysters from Aqua Restaurant, 2,350 Espresso Martini’s from Jimmy’s Bar & Lounge, or just 8 bottles of Dom Perignon Oenithéque Vintage 1959 – imagine sipping a $5,000 bottle of French champagne, how opulent!

Champagne 600 x 400 how to spend $40,000

Leave a legacy

If you have always wanted to make a difference in the world, now could be your chance! You could consider gifting some of your winnings to a charity, rescue a few puppies from the pound or start a university fund for your grandchildren or children. Even a small amount could make a huge difference to someone else’s life!

Live out a long-held dream

Let’s face it, it’s not often that someone offers you $40,000 cash for no reason other than being a loyal member. So why not splash out and use the money to do that one thing you’ve always wanted to do and may not otherwise get to experience.  Take that trip to Machu Pichu, drive Route 66 with your best friends, spend a white Christmas in New York. Take a year off work and move to Tuscany, fly first class on your next overseas holiday or put a pool in the backyard. Name a star for every member of your family – yes you can actually do that! The options really are limitless!

New York Winter 600 x 400 how to spend $40,000

Now you know how to spend $40,000, how do you win it?

There are plenty of benefits to being a member of The Westport Club, but at the moment the biggest benefit is arguably The Westport Club Members’ Jackpot. Not only is the prize money now more than $40,000, it’s also super easy to be in the running to win all that cash. Here’s how:

  1. Sign up to be a member of The Westport Club
  2. Be present at the time of the draw to see if your name is called
  3. If your name is called and you are here, you’re the winner – it’s that simple!

The Westport Club Members’ Jackpot draws are held on Mondays and Thursdays, with draws held from 6.30pm. If the 6.30pm draw is not claimed then a further draw is held at 8pm. The jackpot amount increases by $750 each draw day if the prize is not claimed. You can read the full terms and conditions on our website.

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