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Members’ Jackpot

You could change your life by winning The Westport Club Members’ Jackpot. Watch as the cumulative jackpot climbs by $1,500 each week.

The higher the Members’ Jackpot amount climbs, the more life changing the cash prize will be!

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How would winning the Members’ Jackpot change your life?

Winning the Members’ Jackpot could give you the freedom to do so many things. Take a holiday, pay some bills or buy that new furniture you’ve been longing for. If the jackpot amount climbs high enough, you could even buy a car!

How to enter

All members of The Westport Club are automatically entered in the draw every week. There’s nothing else to do, except be inside the Club every Monday and Thursday. The first prize draw takes place at 6.30pm. Listen to hear if your membership number is announced and if it is, you have 4 minutes to claim the prize. If the jackpot amount is not claimed, a second draw will take place at 8pm. After the second draw, if the Members’ Jackpot is still not won, the prize pool will increase by a whopping $750 for the next draw!

Stay for dinner and make a night of it. You could be the lucky member who wins a life-changing amount of cash in the Members’ Jackpot draw.

Authorised under NSW Permit No. LTPS/19/40886. Click here to view the full terms and conditions.

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