What you can buy at The Rewards Shop

Your membership at The Westport Club gives you exclusive access to many Instant Rewards, including discounts on food and drinks, the ability to use your points towards dining, automatic entry into our Members’ Jackpot draw and a yearly Birthday voucher. But did you know that your membership also provides the opportunity to make purchases from The Westport Club Rewards Shop?

For your convenience

The Rewards Shop is perfect for those last minute purchases you might have forgotten – you can save yourself a trip to the shops on the way home, or pick up a gift on the way to a party – and the best part is, you can even use your Reward Points towards your purchase!

Where is The Rewards Shop?

In case you weren’t aware, The Westport Rewards Shop is located close to the club entrance, tucked behind reception. This makes it really convenient for our members to stop in on their way in or as they leave the club, and pick up a takeaway bottle of wine or a six pack of beer, or even some other common grocery items.

More than a ‘bottle shop’

So, what exactly can you buy at The Westport Club Rewards Shop? You can buy a lot more than what you probably expect! Of course, we have a range of wines, spirits, pre-mixed drinks and the usual ‘bottle-shop’ staples, but you might be surprised to hear we also stock a range of other useful items! On top of the usual suspects, we also sell local and national newspapers, bottled milk, and 1.25 litre bottles of soft drink. You can also pick up a loaf of house-baked sourdough bread from Hastings Coffee Co. and use your Reward Points for the purchase, if you so wish.

What is on offer at the Rewards Shop

Here is a sample of some of the entry-level and premium quality products you can buy at The Westport Club Rewards Shop. We have also included the Reward Point price in case you want to use your points to make a purchase.

  • Newspapers: The Daily Telegraph and Port Macquarie News
  • 2L bottle of local milk
  • 1.25L Coca-Cola
  • A variety of wines in a range of prices.
  • Beer and Cider
  • A wide range of spirits
  • Whiskey

Products and prices correct as at date of publishing.

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