What are the odds of winning lotto in Australia vs a local Club’s cash prize competition? Do you really know? And, if you did, would you still continue to play?

According to Lottoland, you have an approximate 1 in 76 million chance to win the Powerball Jackpot, or just a mere 1 in 45 million chance to win the Oz Lotto Jackpot. But, we still keep trying, don’t we. Just in case…

Surely it would be more attractive to try your hand at something with a little more likelihood of winning big?

Dream big: how would you spend $100,000?

If you were to win a cash competition, how would you spend your prize pool?

Let’s say you won a cash prize of $100,000. Dream big! There’s so many things you could do if you won some cold, hard cash. You could use the funds to get ahead and still have some spare change to indulge in some of life’s adventures.

Here’s a few ways to spend a cash prize:

Pay off your credit card.

Pay off your credit card or a personal loan and wipe the slate clean from your personal debts. It would certainly take a load off your shoulders to know that you’ve got a few less ongoing bills to pay.

Start those renovations.

Have you been dreaming of a new kitchen, an outdoor entertaining area, or even a swimming pool? Now’s the time to plan that home renovation you’ve been putting off until you have the money in the bank.

Go on an overseas holiday!

What better way to spend your prize money than on an amazing adventure of a lifetime to Europe or Asia, or the Americas. You could cruise the Mediterranean in 5-star luxury, or sail down the Nile and soak up the ancient world of the Pharaohs.

Pay off your home loan.

Reducing the term of your home loan and the amount of interest you’re paying is a goal for many! You could reduce the length of your home loan by a few years, or even pay it out in full. Wouldn’t that feel amazing!

Buy a Camper Van.

Go on endless holidays and travel around Australia in your very own RV. Or, hook up a new caravan to your car and set off for an adventure around this beautiful, diverse country of ours. There’s so much to explore in this wide brown land of ours.

Buy a home.

Winning a large sum of cash could be the kickstart you need to get your deposit together to buy your very own home. If you’ve been saving for a while, this added cash would be a welcome injection to boost your deposit, or even go toward reducing the amount you need to borrow.

Boost your super.

Give your retirement savings a boost with a cash deposit. Every top up through personal contributions can help to increase your superannuation account balance and the cumulative investment earnings, helping you in your retirement.

Donate to a charity.

If there’s a cause that’s close to your heart, you may choose to donate some of the funds to a charity, or to several charities. It’s fulfilling to know that you can help out some others along the way.

There’s so many things you could choose to do if you were to win a cash competition. If it’s not cash, how about entering a competition to win a car!


Win Big. Dream Big. At The Westport Club!

Car and Cash Prize Competition!

We’ve got your prize competitions covered at The Westport Club.

We’ve got some amazing chances to win some fabulous cash and car prize competitions, giving members the chance to WIN BIG! DREAM BIG! And, the odds are much more in your favour than trying to win Lotto!

Win Cash and a Car!

Join us every Wednesday and Sunday evening for the chance to WIN a brand new Mazda or up to $5000 in Cash with our Car and Cash promotion! Spend your Rewards Points to earn entries into the twice-weekly draw for a chance win. There’s also a second chance draw at the end of each month with $5000 in cash up for grabs.

You can spin to win! If luck is on your side and ‘CAR’ is revealed, you’ll spin the wheel for a chance to win a brand new CAR. We had a lucky winner of a brand new car last Sunday – will you be next?

Win Cash with our Members’ Jackpot.

Every Monday and Thursday evening, you could WIN BIG with our Members’ Jackpot! This week, our Jackpot has hit $30,000! All you need to do is be a member of the Club and be present during the Draw times at 6.30pm and 8.00pm, it’s that simple!

Relax with us.

While you’re waiting for the Draws to take place on Competition evenings, sit back and relax for dinner at Aqua Dining or Hastings Coffee Co, or enjoy a drink at Jimmy’s Bar and Lounge with your friends.

The Jackpot climbs by $1,500 every week! So, you could be walking away with a wad of cash!

What are you waiting for? Join us at The Westport Club for your chance to win.