It is a widely used saying and we think it’s pretty appropriate for 2020; if you don’t laugh, you’ll cry! This past 12 months has been a crazy and unprecedented time, with drought, fires, floods and the COVID-19 pandemic that is still affecting our every-day lives. Like in all disasters, if you look hard enough, you will always find the people who are making the best of a bad situation. Here’s a round-up of some of our favourite lock-down moments – we hope they make you smile!

New ways to interact with our neighbours

Bin outings

In true Aussie style, the Facebook page ‘Bin Isolating Outing’ was created by some fun-loving people to put a positive and silly spin on us all staying home. In their own words;

‘ ..basically the bin goes out more than us SO let’s dress up for the occasion! Fancy dress, makeup, tutu… be creative! Post photos to cheer us up 😝 after all laughter is the best medicine 😷’

Some of the best can be seen here:

Non-traditional tennis

No tennis shoes? No worries!

Group exercise

So many wonderful fitness professionals all over the world gave us all a way to release some pent up energy!

The team at Mingara One Fitness provided us with a library of home workouts that you can access here.


Connecting and having a laugh in any way possible!

Everyone loves an excuse to be a little bit silly…


I made a lil something for my neighborhood! #sillywalking #chicago #noonelooksstupidwhentheyrehavingfun



Celebrating and commemorating a little differently

Driveway Dawn Service

Not having a traditional Anzac Day service was a special kind of blow in Australia – and although it was different, watching nationally as we embraced the Driveway Dawn Service was pretty special. Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!



Graduates all over the world were unable to gather with friends and family to celebrate their achievements.. but often, kind people stepped up to make the occasion special anyway!


Drive by party

Expecting a lonely birthday during lock-down? Enter, the drive by party!

Thank you thank you thank you my mad hockey mates!! It made my day. Who would be anything other than a Gunner!!! Xoxo isolation for my 60th!!

Posted by Mary Anne Edwards on Tuesday, 31 March 2020


New ways to entertain ourselves

Bored is barely a descriptive enough word to describe what staying at home for months on end can feel like. Some of us came up with some interesting and hilarious ways to pass the time…

Family lock-down boogie

How would you go getting your family together for something like this?? We absolutely applaud this effort!


Pac-man sock

Whatever passes the time… No judgement here, only giggles!


Rock climbing in house

Continuing to do what you love as much as possible was really important…

From the mouth of babes..

Explaining to your kids about COVID-19 has got to be one of many challenging parts of the lock-down. It has also resulted in some of the most adorable and perspective-checking statements of the year!



For more like this, check out this Huffpost list!


We hope you’ve enjoyed our round up, and it caused at least one ‘laugh out loud’ moment! We would love for you to share your favourite lock-down moments too! In NSW, we are lucky enough to be out of these restrictions, so let’s keep up our new healthy habits and continue keeping ourselves and our community safe. Thank you so much to our wonderful members and guests who have been so kind and respectful of each other while visiting us at The Westport Club.


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