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We are Mingara One Fitness and we’d love to get to know you.

We want you to be part of our community where you can maintain your health and fitness from home. Best of all it’s FREE! You’ll find us every day on Facebook Live @ 1pm or you can watch our workouts right here.

We focus on mind, body, strength and cardio, including workouts for the ‘young at heart’. We’re here to get you moving.

It’s important right now we look out for each other. We are ONE and we want you to be part of us. Be ONE and try some meditation, stretch, get outside, breathe, look up to the sky! Find your one thing each day, one things that makes you smile. Listen to some music, dance around the lounge room, be kind…especially to yourself. Relax with Yoga or get your heart singing…we’re here to get you moving.

We’re here to make life great.


Meet the Mingara One Fitness at Home Team > View

Port Macquarie, we’d love to introduce you to our team. They’re passionate about making sure you have a ‘healthy hibernation’ and beyond!


Yoga – with John > View

A seasoned Yoga Instructor, John will help you get off the couch and introduce you to Yoga Practice. Options for beginners to more experienced.


Functional – with Ben > View

Ben is an expert in functional fitness in both training and coaching. Join in with Ben as he runs you through a short functional work out.


Gentle workout with Jacinta > View

A really effective and easy workout at home for those who are just starting their fitness journey or for those who are ‘young at heart’.


Yoga basics with Marty > View

A great introduction to Yoga for anyone who would like to give Yoga a go. Work on your flexibility and breathing in the comfort of your own home!


Total Body HIIT workout with Tiff > View

A total body high intensity interval training workout. Get sweaty and feel great with Tiff!


Dance with Ange > View

Add a few pieces of inexpensive equipment to this dance routine for a full body workout. It’s fun and you will feel it burn!


Workout with Cheyne > View

If you struggle with back pain or discomfort, this is the workout for you! Join Cheyne for some gentle but effective exercise.


Super Set with Alex > View

A simple way to tone and shape your body – the super set! Try it out with Alex and get those arms nice and toned.


Lower body workout with Ben > View

Squats and skipping – what better way to feel the burn in your lower body! It’s quick but effective, add it to your daily routine!


Meditation Studio with Kylie > View

Meditation and mindfulness can be the secret to unlocking your inner calm. Join Kylie for this meditation session from the comfort of your own home.


Workout with Alex and Jaime – “Bring Sally Up” > View

This one will get your thighs burning! Take the challenge with Alex and Jamie and become the champion of squats. Bring Sally Up!


Yoga with John – Part 2 > View

More yoga with John for the budding yogis out there! Another great one for flexibility and breathing. Join John for a quick session!


Dance with Kel > View

A vgreat dance routine for anyone wanting to try a dance class. Kel’s instruction is easy to follow and you can take it up a notch or slow it down to suit your ability.


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