Check out our members’ jackpot!

We love spoiling our members. And what better way to spoil them than with free money, right? Twice a week, one lucky member has the chance to win our members’ jackpot, but on one condition. You must be at The Westport Club to claim it. We draw out a membership number every Monday and Thursday, starting at 6:30pm. If the first membership number does not claim the jackpot within 4 minutes, we redraw again at 8.00pm. Then if that member doesn’t claim the money, we bump up the winnings by $750 for the next draw.

Our jackpot is now past a whopping 25,000 dollars! We know, that’s a lot of money. Winning it could even be a dream come true for some. That’s why we want to give you some tips on how to spend the 25,000 dollars, just in case you’re our lucky winner.


How to spend 25,000 dollars

Travel somewhere new

Forget the domestic flights altogether and hop on a plane across the globe! With $25,000 you could go just about anywhere. Experience the bustling streets of Hong Kong or the sunny beaches of Hawaii. There’s no limit with your newfound cash! With that amount of money, you could even afford to take the entire family and stay at a fabulous hotel. Don’t forget to pick up a few souvenirs on your way back!

Upgrade your car

You may have been saying that you need a better car for years. Well, you could finally make that upgrade. Trade in your current ride and shop around for your next dream car. You deserve it! And if you already made a recent upgrade, there’s bound to be someone else in the family who needs new wheels. There are so many ideas on how to spend 25,000 dollars, and it doesn’t have to be on you. That amount of money could allow you to surprise your kids or grandkids with their first car on their 18th or 21st birthday. And you can pick out something a little nicer than the average first car. Or you could surprise your parents or spouse. With over $25,000, you could even buy two.

Pay off some bills

A $25,000 windfall may make you feel like a millionaire, but it doesn’t mean you have to spend like one. You can still be the responsible adult and have a little fun. Besides, with age comes wisdom! Use your knowledge on how to spend 25,000 dollars responsibly. This doesn’t mean you have to throw it all into the mortgage, but a hefty cheque from us will surely make a dent. Spend $15,000 to get ahead on a few payments for the house, car, or other finances. Then use the rest to treat you and the family!

Improve your home

If you’re a home owner, you’ll know that there are always things you can do to make your home just a little nicer to live in. If you’ve recently built, chances are the gardens need to be established. If you have lived in your home for many years, chances are the bathroom needs renovating. And if you’ve bought a fixer-upper, we feel your pain! Spending 25,000 dollars will go a fair way on a new kitchen, some new flooring or a deck to extend your living area. Wouldn’t it be nice?

How to spend 25,000 dollars


We want you to win

Nothing makes us happier than seeing our guests smile. We can only image the size of your grin once you win over $25,000! Be sure to be at The Westport Club at draw time to claim your prize! You can enjoy a drink at Jimmy’s Bar and Lounge on Monday night draws or a meal at Hastings Coffee Co.  on Thursday nights, while you wait. But remember, you can’t take home the jackpot if you’re not a member. Become a member today for your chance at the members’ jackpot and heaps of other rewards!


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