Have you played Lucky 8s at The Westport Club yet? You could be sharing in the Grand Jackpot of up to $25,000 cash! There are several ways you can earn Lucky 8s entries and those entries can then be converted into tickets for your chosen draw. All members have the opportunity to play Lucky 8s, and it’s so easy to play. So, how does Lucky 8s work? Here’s how you can get in on the action!

How to earn Lucky 8s entries

Here’s the low down on the three super simple ways you can earn your Lucky 8s entries:

Let’s go shopping

Yes, that’s right, as if being able to use your Reward Points for purchases at The Westport Club wasn’t great enough, you can also earn Lucky 8s entries by doing so! You can spend your Reward Points at Aqua Restaurant, Hastings Coffee Co. and Jimmy’s Bar & Lounge as well as on purchases from the Rewards Shop.

Get swiping!

This is the easiest step of all – just swipe your Westport member card at the Member kiosk each time you visit us and you’ll receive one automatic entry into Lucky 8s. Members can earn a maximum of one entry per day just by swiping their card!

Photo of member swiping Reward card at kiosk

Spin up a storm

You can earn a bonus 88 entries if you are lucky enough to land on the ‘Bonus Entries’ wedge of the promotional wheel, while playing Lucky 8s. But more about that later!

Redeem your Lucky 8s entries

Your entries will continue to accumulate until you redeem them, which converts them into tickets into the draw. You can redeem your entries up until 30 minutes prior to the relevant draw.

How to redeem entries

If earning entries is easy then redeeming them is child’s play – just pop to the Members kiosk and redeem your entries in the Member Options screen.

Photo of member redeeming tickets for entries using member kiosk

Lucky 8s draws

Lucky 8s is held twice weekly at The Westport Club, at 5.30pm on Sundays and 7pm on Wednesdays.

At each draw, four member names are called and each of those four members receives the chance to spin the Lucky 8s wheel and win a prize. Every person who spins the wheel, wins something!

Be present at the draw

You probably already figured this out, you must be present at the draw in order to be able to spin the wheel and win a prize!

Lucky 8s prize pool

There are 50 individual prize wedges on the Lucky 8s wheel, broken down into the following prizes:

  • 1 x Grand Jackpot Prize (accumulating prize, starting at $500)
  • 1 x Major Jackpot Prize ($488)
  • 3 x Maxi Jackpot Prizes ($288)
  • 6 x Minor Jackpot Prizes ($188)
  • 39 x Mini Jackpot Prizes ($88)

Lucky 8s runs for 50 weeks, and if the Grand Jackpot is not won it that time an additional guaranteed prize draw is held where the jackpot must be won! So, the total potential prize pool over the fifty weeks is up to $48,648 – wow!

Bonus prizes

There is also the chance to win some really cool bonus prizes:

  • Three of the $88 wedges on the promotional wheel also award an additional eighty-eight bonus tickets for the promotion, indicated by a special sticker placed on the wedge. These bonus tickets are offered in addition to the cash prize of $88!
  • Here’s the really fun part – one of the $188 wedges has an exciting ‘spin again’ feature! In the instance that a Member spins the wheel and lands on this wedge, they have the choice to either claim the $188 prize or forfeit the prize and spin the wheel again. This bonus feature is also indicated by a sticker placed on the relevant $188 wedge of the Lucky 8s promotional wheel.

Need more info?

If you’re still unsure about how to earn tickets or redeem entries, check out our quick instructional video below, or ask one of our friendly staff next time you visit us.

You can also read the full terms and conditions of Lucky 8s here.

Authorised under NSW Permit No. LTPS/18/30440.

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