As if we needed an excuse to enjoy an extra serve of chocolate! Tuesday, 7th July marks possibly the best day of the year (other than burger day, pizza day, and coffee day of course!). That’s right, it’s World Chocolate Day, the day when we pay homage to our favourite guilty pleasure, but allow ourselves to bypass the guilt trip!

World Chocolate Day is a yearly occasion celebrated on 7 July and marks the anniversary of when chocolate was first introduced to Europe.

The origins of chocolate

The first evidence of chocolate dates back to as early as 1400BC, when it was enjoyed by the Aztecs as a fermented drink, and was so precious that cocoa beans were actually used as a form of currency. In its beverage form, it was often paired with spices, corn puree or wine and would have been quite bitter in taste compared to the chocolate we know and love today. Chocolate was first imported to Europe after the Spanish conquered the Aztecs, and it was then that those clever Spaniards came up with the genius idea to add sugar or honey to the bitter chocolate drink to make it more palatable. Over the next century, chocolate would continue its growth and popularity throughout most of Europe. Fast forward to the industrial revolution; chemists and inventors were able to improve the flavour of chocolate by introducing new additives. Alkaline salts assisted in removing the natural fats, and new machinery further developed the flavours. These days chocolate is mostly grown in Western Africa and although known and loved by most of the world’s population, is no longer considered sacred or expensive – as you would know, you’ll find it at all supermarkets.

Strange flavours of chocolate…

During our chocolate related research, we have come across some pretty unusual chocolate combinations enjoyed across the world! Here are some of the most weird and wonderful..

  1. Green tea Kit-Kat.. a Japanese favourite! Kit-Kat also do other crazy flavours, such as the Sweet Potato Kit-Kat and a blueberry cheesecake flavour.
  2. Goats Cheese & chocolate… A goat’s cheese bon-bon would include dark chocolate mixed together with goat’s cheese, combined with black pepper buttercream. Interesting??
  3. Tobacco Chocolate.. Yes, chocolate maker Dominique Persoone, has created 60 different types of Tobacco Chocolate Truffles. Havana chocolate is made from cigar leaves marinated in rum and cognac, leaving a peppery feeling in your throat. Apparently it feels just like smoking a cigar!
  4. Chocolate with soy sauce… The soy sauce is used to make a salty caramel sauce that is said to be delicious along side chocolate.. We won’t knock it until we’ve tried it!

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Celebrating World Chocolate Day at Aqua Restaurant

Keep your eye on the specials for next Tuesday! Our amazing chefs love a challenge and need no extra incentive to create something delicious and chocolatey for you to finish your night up with! Or start your night… we aren’t here to judge!

Celebrating World Chocolate Day at Hastings Coffee Co.

Indulge your chocoholic tendencies with a decadent individual mud cake and hot chocolate combo! This deliciousness can be yours for just $8.90 for members and is just the perfect idea for these chilly mornings we’ve been having!

Celebrating World Chocolate Day at Jimmy’s Bar & Lounge

Drop into Jimmy’s on World Chocolate Day and you’ll be treated to a Jimmy’s Chocolate Paradise! This absolutely decadent cocktail features Creme de Cacao, Baileys and Absolut Vanilla Vodka! Enjoy this very naughty concoction for just $10 for members.

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