and some that will never die.

They say that history has a way of repeating itself, especially when it comes to fashion. In some cases this can be a good thing (think Doc Martins), in others, not so much (we’re looking at you, bell-bottom jeans). Most recently there has been an increased resurgence of classic trends, a better appreciation for the finer things in life.

This renaissance of good taste has come about in recent times, most likely because the
Gen X-ers and a sprinkling of Gen Y’s are all grown up. Unlike their ‘Boomer’ parents, these folks know what they like and they’re going to enjoy it now, because life’s too short for bad drinks or average food.

Here’s some of the rebooted fashions we’ve been embracing lately at Jimmy’s Bar & Lounge.


Of course we had to pick this as our number one! Whisky is enjoying a massive revival at the moment, and it’s no surprise to find that our very own Jimmy’s Bar and Lounge is leading the way, serving over 100 varieties of whiskey from all over the world. We stock some of the finest whiskeys from Australia, America, Scotland, Japan and more. There’s some exciting distillers popping up all over the country, especially in that little place we call the Apple Isle. We’re proud to stock Tassie icons such as the award-winning Sullivans Cove Double Cask and Lark Distillery’s Single Malt.

Image of people having whisky, a trend now back in fashion

If you’re a committed whiskey aficionado or even just getting started, Jimmy’s has a drop for you to try, and with everything available by the nip, it’s a great way to broaden your palette and try out some fantastic whiskies from around the world, without having to commit to the whole bottle. Better still, members of The Westport Club enjoy 10% discount off our food and drinks menu – enough said!

Vinyl records

Have a guess at what the number one selling vinyl album was in the first week of January 2018. You may be surprised to hear that it was Taylor Swift’s ‘Reputation’. Gone are the days of classics like The Beatles’ Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band’ leading the charts, pop pressings are making a comeback, and in a big way! Sales of vinyl are currently experiencing a 30 year high and they are only increasing in popularity. We live in a world where everything, including music, is now super disposable and accessible. We consume music faster than we ever have, taking one day to churn through an album that 20 years ago we would have played to death for the greater part of 6 months!

Image of man in local vinyl record store, a trend that is back in fashion

Apart from the fact that vinyl provides superior sound quality to the compressed sound experience with digital mediums, listening to a pressed album delivers a physical experience and it is a novelty for younger generations not familiar with vinyl. In choosing a record to play and setting it up on the player, the user is involved in the process, as opposed to the use of streaming which sees the user quite removed from the experience.

Here at The Westport Club we are loving vinyl right now, and most nights you can find us spinning our favourite mid-century classics from our extensive retro vinyl collection, from Sinatra to Prince and in-between.

Supporting local producers is everything

There was a time when eating the most exotic, expensive foods we could find was a huge thing. These foods became associated with status because they were difficult and expensive to source – think Alaskan King Crab and Shark Fin Soup from Japan. There’s been a massive growth in the Locavore movement in recent years. You’ve probably heard of the ‘paddock to plate’ movement, but have you heard of the ‘Locavore’? These wonderful creatures only eat things that they know came from their local area or within a certain kilometre radius. You could say the food industry has come full circle, with people increasingly wanting to know where their food has come from, how it was grown, and who grew it.

Photo of lady shopping at local markets, a trend we hope never goes out of fashion

Because of the rise of TV cooking shows and documentaries highlighting the dangers of high sugar diets, paleo movement, wholefoods and even the zero-waste movement, people are more aware of where their food comes from and the impact it has on the world around them. We now want to know the story behind the food that is on our plate. We want to eat food that was grown locally and support our local growers because that also helps the local economy, as well as being more healthy, because food that is sourced locally is also the freshest and is naturally in season at that time. Food that is grown locally also doesn’t have to travel far before landing on our plates, which also means less carbon emissions.

At The Westport Club, we support this notion whole-heartedly, using local suppliers wherever we can, as being locals ourselves we think that supporting local is just important as you do. We source our seafood locally, and even the herbs adorning your cocktail at Jimmy’s were grown at a farm down the road. We also want our customers to know the people behind the food we create, and that’s why we are committed to sharing their stories with you.

Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram pages for more stories about the amazing and passionate people behind our business.

Old-fashioned barbers

Thanks in part to the ‘hipster’ revival of the beard, a new term entered our vocabulary in recent years. Affectionately known as manscaping, it refers to the trend for men to spend a little more time tending to their tresses, in particular their finely-groomed beards and moustaches. With that trend came a growth in the popularity of old-style barber shops – the kind where it’s perfectly normal to be offered a glass of scotch on arrival and play a game of pool while you wait. Soon they were popping up on corners in Melbourne, Sydney, and then throughout the rest of the country including here in Port. It seems the fashion has caught on with some of Jimmy’s bartenders too, so you know it must be very now. How very gentlemanly…

Photo of man with long beard, a trend that is now back in fashion

Check out one of our local barber shop Jimbo’s.

Thinking about letting your beard grow a little? Get some beard inspiration from Beardaholic.

Small places with a sense of community

The tiny hole in the wall café. That cosy laneway bar where all the bartenders know your name, or better still, remember your favourite tipple. We know a good bar when we find one and once we do, our loyalty is unwavering. Life is so busy these days, so we relish the chance to sit down in a comfy wing back chair, sip on a fine whiskey that the bartender picked especially for our refined palette and take a moment to ourselves.

At Jimmy’s, we love seeing our customers enjoy a quiet drink in one of our comfy arm chairs, sipping a cold brew and unwinding after a long day. We love getting to know our customers and pride ourselves on our ability to build relationships with them too. If you’re at Jimmy’s, come and say ‘Hi’ to our friendly bar team and let us whip you up a delicious cocktail or select a whiskey to tempt your taste buds; we relish the chance to impress and look forward to the opportunity to get to know you.

5 trends that will never go out of style

They say that style never goes out of fashion, and there are certainly quite a few trends that will always be classic because they are just that good…

Classic Cocktails

It gained popularity in the 70’s but really came into its own with the success of the hit TV show Sex in the City. Bright and sassy just like Miss Carrie Bradshaw, unlike her friend Samantha the Cosmopolitan is infamous for all the right reasons; traditionally it’s a combination of Vodka, cranberry, Cointreau and finished off with a splash of lime and a lime wedge garnish for added flair. If you’re at Jimmy’s ask us to shake you up a ‘Cosmo’ and see how fabulous this classic can be.

If you enjoy the finer things in life, the Old Fashioned is for you. Mad Men’s sophisticated protagonist Don Draper was rarely seen without a crystal low ball of this classic cocktail in his hand. Arguably ‘the manliest drink to order at a bar’, the old fashioned is made in the glass and is not shaken, but simply stirred on completion. Bereft of anything resembling fruit except for a small garnish of citrus, the Old Fashioned is a simple concoction of Bourbon whiskey, sugar, bitters and ice. Trouble free, yet classy. Kind of like Jimmy’s.

Photo of an old fashioned, a drink that has never gone out of fashion

If these cocktails have got your taste buds excited, drop into Jimmy’s and ask our staff to mix you up an Old Fashioned and you’ll find you’ll feel just as refined as Don Draper himself.

View the Jimmy’s Whiskey Menu

The Sunday Session

Oh, the old Sunday Sesh. Is there anything better than kicking back on a sun-drenched Sunday afternoon with a cold craft beer in hand, coupled with a platter of bar snacks and enjoying a beautiful view? We think not. There’s something a little naughty about a cheeky Sunday sesh, it’s like you’re squeezing the very last drop out of your weekend before the Monday morning dread sinks in, and is best enjoyed in a relaxed location (check) with a wonderful cocktail list (check) and stunning vistas (aaaand check).

Photo of Jimmy's Bar and Lounge, showing cocktails and water views

Open fires

Whether it be the midst of winter, or just a little gloomy outside, no other heating apparatus can compare to the warmth and ambiance of an open fire. There’s a reason most fireplaces are located in the middle of the home, it’s because this is the central meeting place where everyone likes to gather around, watch the flames dancing and enjoy a cosy drink. Open fires are best enjoyed in a comfy chair, wine or scotch in hand and are a fantastic way to while away the hours, relax and unwind. Come in to Jimmy’s during the Winter months and you’ll be met with the delightful presence of our open fire which is located in the center of the bar, for all to enjoy.

Photo of the fire at Jimmy's Bar & Lounge

Water views

There’s something about a water view that instantly makes you feel like you’re on holidays. The calm blue water and the little boats bobbing along just make all your cares float away. At Jimmy’s we’ve got views in spades and the atmosphere to match. With our recently refurbished bar taking on a retro glam Palm Springs vibe, we’ve got the perfect formula for that holiday feeling – you’ll never want to leave! Sink into the comfy couches or perch yourself on a generous wing back arm chair, and just take in those views. Perfect. We bet you feel relaxed already.

Aaah how’s the serenity…

Photo of espresso martini at Jimmy's Bar with water views in background 

Good service

Do we even need to explain this one? Hoteliers, restaurateurs, mechanics and accountants – pretty much all businesses the world over – all rely on one thing, and that’s their people. Good service is really at the heart of any decent business and sets the amazing apart from the average. For this reason giving good service will never go out of vogue. Fantastic service is the icing on the cake when it comes to any customer experience and at Jimmy’s Bar and Lounge, we get it! We know that memorable experiences are created by fantastic people and we are proud to have a skilled and passionate team of people who love working together and are willing to go that extra mile to make your experience more enjoyable.

About Jimmy’s Bar and Lounge

Jimmy’s Bar and Lounge is Port Macquarie’s newest waterfront bar and is located on the first floor at Westport Club, 25 Buller Street, Port Macquarie.

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