Check out all the activities that The Hastings River has on offer this summer. There’s coastal walks, fishing charters, and everything in between.

hastings river

The Hastings River

The overwhelming beauty of Port Macquarie would be nothing without its centrepiece of life, the Hastings River. While the river stretches all the way to the Great Dividing Range in New South Wales, the mouth near Port Macquarie offers the most stunning viewpoint. There are tonnes of activities to do along the river near Port Macquarie for singles and families alike. With thriving underwater life and picture-perfect views everywhere you go, the Hastings River is the perfect summer destination.

Top 5 Activities

1. Fishing

The Hastings River is the perfect place for lovers of fishing. There are many spots accessible both by boat and by foot, with something for everyone. For the passionate deep sea fishers, Port Macquarie has a range of fishing charters to cater to your every need all around the river.

Just a short drive from Port Macquarie, Rocks Ferry Reserve provides a perfect location to cast a line. There are plenty of walking trails along the Hastings River, so you can find the ideal spot. There’s even a boat ramp for those most prepared!

Please ensure to always put safety first and wear a life jacket, even if you are just rock fishing. You never know when you could hook a big one!

hastings river

2. Great picnic spots with views

Enjoy the perfect summer weather with a delicious picnic for the family, all with a fantastic view. You can walk almost anywhere along the river and find a great spot of land for one. But to keep things simple for you, we recommend Settlement Point Reserve. The reserve offers multiple picnic facilities with electric barbecues and even a playground for the young ones.

If the weather is too hot to be outdoors, it’s raining, or you can’t organise a picnic, come on in for the best coffee along the Hastings River at The Westport Club’s Hastings Coffee Co. and enjoy some treats fresh from the bakery. We’ve been told we have the best view of the river in all of Port Macquarie, so come see for yourself!

3. Swimming

If you love the water, you’ve come to the right place! Take the family to Town Beach, located right at the mouth of the Hastings River. Town Beach offers a calm and relaxing beach experience, allowing the parents to chill out while the kids can safely swim or build their towering sandcastles near the water.

The waters are constantly patrolled and the beach is known for its beautiful coastal walk, so take a breezy stroll after your dip!

Please remember to always swim between the red and yellow flags.

4. Walking

Get out and about and explore the Hastings River the old-fashioned way – by foot! Whether you’re keen to get your hiking boots on or simply go for a stroll, there are walking tracks for every level.

Since Port Macquarie is set at the mouth, there are plenty of trails to experience the Hastings River’s beauty. You’ll experience wildlife anywhere from the colourful botanic walks to the glistening dolphins soaring through the waters. Our top pick is the Port Macquarie coastal walk, which can be undertaken as one long walk or several shorter walks. Travel through beaches, gardens and rainforest – all in one trip!

hastings river

If you happen to stroll past The Westport Club as you’re taking in the beautiful scenery, stop by Hastings Coffee Co.! You can stop and prop for an energising cup or conveniently grab one as you walk from our riverside window. We’ve even got a water bowl for your furry friends in case they need a refresh too!

5. Local Food

With such an abundance of gorgeous wildlife and waterfront views, it’s no wonder the food along the Hastings River is just as marvellous! In particular, the oysters fresh from the river are absolutely superb. Port Macquarie has been perfecting its oyster industry in the Hastings River for over 125 years now.

In fact, Aqua restaurant at The Westport Club cooks up this local seafood in a variety of ways, from all-natural to spicy Korean. You can book a table now to come in and try some for yourself, or enjoy a different local seafood dish caught from right here in the Hastings River!

Something for everyone

Whether you’re keen to get active or simply looking for some down time, there is something for everyone along the gleaming coast of the Hastings River. While you’re here, check out The Westport Club where you can experience great food, great coffee and a relaxing atmosphere. We’re lucky enough to have one of the best outlooks in Port Macquarie, right near the coastal walk and the beautiful Hastings River. We look forward to seeing you!