Kindness can brighten up someone’s day (or week). Kindness can also have big health benefits for you and will help to boost your mood. Check out our ideas on how you can sprinkle kindness to your family and friends, co-workers and even strangers in your community:


Random Acts of Kindness for your family and friends

  • Surprise a loved one by cooking them dinner
  • Call an elderly family member
  • Offer to babysit your friend’s children
  • Mow a neighbours lawn
  • Give someone a compliment
  • Send a positive text message to your best friend
  • Write your partner a list of why you love them
  • Put your phone away at the dinner table and be present in conversations
  • Take on a life admin/errand for a busy family member


Random Acts of Kindness for our community

  • Visit a local roadside book library and donate a book
  • Let someone merge while in traffic
  • Hold the door open for a stranger
  • Smile and say ‘hello’ to people you pass on your walk
  • Donate toys and clothes to a local charity
  • Make cards and artwork to send to local nursing homes
  • Pick up rubbish and put it in the bin
  • Shout the person in the line behind you a coffee and encourage them to ‘pay it forward’


Random Acts of Kindness for your colleagues 

  • Buy them their morning coffee
  • Send your boss an email about a co-workers hard work
  • Make an extra effort to get to know the new team member
  • Give a co-worker a compliment on their work
  • Smile and say good morning to everyone you walk past
  • Write a co-worker a Linkedin recommendation
  • Leave an appreciation note on someone’s desk to say thank you