It’s easy to look at Port Macquarie in the Summertime and immediately brand it as a family holiday destination. There is so much to do here to keep kids and parents alike happy and entertained, as well as the perfect level of relaxed. This blog is here to say that while that is true, this beautiful area is also a simply perfect romantic getaway spot for all the couples out there!

Secluded beaches

Did you know the Port Macquarie- Hastings area is home to 17 stunning beaches? This means that it’s fairly likely you will be able to find yourself a private spot for a romantic date! A cheese board, some wine and a swim on a Summer evening is a perfect way to connect and spend quality time together. Or keep it simple and grab some fish and chips from a local shop!

A young couple cheersing with champagne at the beach

Fine dining

Sharing a good meal with the person you love is said to build trust and lead to cohesion and agreement in other areas of life. Who doesn’t want that? Port Macquarie boasts a plethora of delicious dining options as well as amazing bars, wineries, breweries, and cafés. If you consider yourself a foodie, this area is a must visit. A stunning view always makes a meal feel a little more special and venues like Sandbox, the Stunned Mullet, Jimmy’s Bar and Lounge, Boathouse Bar and Restaurant and Zebu should be high on your list!

Jimmy's Bar and Lounge

Kid free spaces

While there are plenty of venues around that cater for kids and families very well, there are also places that are the opposite. You are free to pick and choose locations around Port Macqaurie that are not particularly kid friendly – which let’s face it, is sometimes exactly what you’re looking for! Look for venues with a limited kids menu, or none at all, with no playground or kids corner, and a large portion of marketing that focuses on cold drinks and relaxation – you’re bound to find somewhere perfect to wind down and connect as a couple.


Beautiful accommodation

Treating yourself to truly luxury accommodation is always a great start to a relaxing and romantic getaway! Create yourself an oasis with options like Sandcastle Apartments or Ana Mandara Luxury Bed & Breakfast (links). A getaway with a loved one should calm your mind, so having everything taken care of for you, and comfortable, beautiful accommodation is essential!

Fun activities

There’s heaps to do in Port Macquarie. The range of activities available means there is something for every type of couple out there!

  • Romantic walks

The beautiful natural landscape of Port Macquarie is just begging to be explored by active couples! There are so many different trails you can explore – check out this link for a full list of our recommendations –

  • Horse riding

Again, there are a few options in the area, and although it may seem a little stereotypical and lame, it’s actually a beautiful way to spend an afternoon with someone you love and it’s a great way to spend time in nature away from the hustle and bustle of life! Check out Port Macquarie Horse Riding Centre as a starting point!

A happy senior couple riding horses on a meadow in nature.

  • Intimate dinners

Beautiful restaurants + kid free spaces = date night perfection. There really isn’t much else to say!

  • Day spas

Relaxing together and being pampered sounds like a perfect addition to a weekend away! There’s quite a few options around in different price ranges, and treating yourself is generally not something you regret!

Shot of a mature couple enjoying a relaxing massage
  • Picnic spots

Beaches, mountains, valleys, rivers, lakes, creeks… Port Macquarie is bursting with options to entice you outside and into picnic mode. Head somewhere like Luigi’s Deli to get set up with deliciousness and hit the road to find the perfect spot!

  • Outdoor adventures

If you’re looking for something a little more active or exciting, that’s covered too! Stand up paddle boarding, kayaking, jet boat cruises, surfing lessons and camel rides are just some examples! There are so many experiences available in beautiful Port Macquarie.

Please don’t look at all the happy families in Port Macquarie at the moment and assume it’s not the place for your next romantic getaway. It really is a beautiful choice for you and your significant other to enjoy each other’s company! There’s a little bit of indulgence everywhere you look.