Discovering the best children’s playgrounds in your local area can be a challenge at first, but once you find that treasured location, you’ll no doubt return time and time again.

We take a look at some of the best playgrounds in Port Macquarie and surrounds, including what makes a good children’s playground.

Top Children’s Parks and Playspaces

What is it that makes a good children’s park or playspaces? It really depends on the age of the child, however a good children’s playground will have a range of activities and spaces that suit a wide range of age groups and abilities. Here’s some things to look out for:

  • Good visibility and access – to enable parents to be able to keep an eye on children while giving them their own space to play and be creative
  • Open spaces or green spaces – areas of grass or spots where people can sit on a picnic blanket, or provide children the space to run around and expel some energy
  • Soft groundcover – consideration of the ground cover under equipment like swings or slides to cushion children’s falls and spills
  • Tree coverage or shade sails – providing adequate protection from the sun on a hot or high UV day
  • A good aesthetic and interesting – equipment and activities that incorporate lots of colour, sounds, and texture
  • Multi-faceted play equipment – activities and playground equipment that enables children to engage with structures and equipment to climb, swing, fly, jump.

Children’s parks and playgrounds in Port Macquarie

10 best parks and playgrounds in Port Macquarie and surrounds

We’re lucky to have a lot of great children’s playgrounds in Port Macquarie and further afield that are accessible and offer great fun and enjoyment for children and their families. Here’s our top 10 best playgrounds in Port Macquarie and surrounds:

Crestwood Park Playground, Port Macquarie

Crestwood Park is one of the newest children’s playgrounds in Port Macquarie offering a range of play activities that incorporate motion, balance, and strength while using texture and colour to engage children in their play. There’s a range of different play equipment as well as a great path that circles the park for bikes and scooters.

Located: Lower end of Crestwood Drive, Port Macquarie.

Facilities: Monkey bars, climbing wall, rope climb, slides, swings, flying fox, picnic tables and bike path.

Toilets: No.

Ascot Park Playground, Port Macquarie

The children’s playground in Ascot Park is a popular choice for many Port Macquarie locals. It has a great multi-level, nature-based playground set up with lots of varied and interactive play activities for children from 12 months of age up to mid-teens.

Located: Phillip Charley Drive, Ascot Park, Port Macquarie.

Facilities: Swings, slides, tyre swings, trampoline, musical play equipment, rope climbing structures, monkey bars, bike path, picnic tables.

Toilets: No.

Town Beach Park Playground, Port Macquarie

Town Beach Park Playground at the northern end of Town Beach is a great location at the junction of the Hastings River and the ocean beach. It’s also adjacent to the popular skate park and Town Beach Kiosk for those who want to grab a cuppa while the kids play.

Located: Alban Place, Port Macquarie.

Facilities: Tyre swing, slides, climbing structures, swings, spinning see-saw, monkey bars, grassy reserve, picnic tables.

Toilets: Yes.

Great children’s playgrounds and playspaces

Calwalla Reserve, Port Macquarie

Calwalla Reserve is a quiet children’s park in a residential location. It’s popular with the locals – koalas included. The park has a range of activities and play equipment for toddlers up to 10 years of age. Don’t forget to look up into the trees in case there’s a furry local snoozing during your visit.

Located: Calwalla Crescent, Port Macquarie.

Facilities: Swings, slides, tyre trail, climbing structures, flying fox, monkey bars, balancing poles, picnic tables and grassy reserve.

Toilets: No.

Settlement Point Reserve Playground, Port Macquarie

Settlement Point Reserve near the North Shore Ferry is a fabulous open grassy reserve on the banks of the Hastings River. It’s a great spot to picnic with the extended family or large groups of friends and also handy if you want to have a swim at the small sandy riverbank beach.

Located: Settlement Point Road, Port Macquarie.

Facilities: Swings, climbing structures, picnic tables, bbqs and grassy reserve.

Toilets: Yes.

Sancrox Reserve Playground, Sancrox

For those looking to wander further afield, a short trip out of town between Wauchope and Port Macquarie, Sancrox Reserve offers something a little different. The park is suited to children aged 2 to 14 years and has a range of playground equipment to keep children entertained and challenged.

Located: Colvin Street, Sancrox.

Facilities: Swings, 6m high ‘birds nest’ climbing structure, climbing tyres, balancing beams, grassy reserve, undercover picnic tables, bbq.

Toilets: Yes.

Sancrox Reserve is one of the top playgrounds in Port Macquarie region

Sea Acres Rainforest Park, Port Macquarie

Sea Acres Rainforest Park is not your ‘typical’ children’s playground, however it does offer a great experience for young and old alike with a raised boardwalk that meanders through the rainforest. There’s interactive elements for young children to look out for along the boardwalk, and you’re also guaranteed to see some real-life wildlife hanging from the trees, or foraging on the rainforest floor.

Located: Pacific Drive, Port Macquarie.

Facilities: Boardwalk, rainforest, children’s activities, café.

Toilets: Yes.

Rainbow Beach Playground, Bonny Hills

The children’s playground at Rainbow Beach in Bonny Hills offers a great location for all ages with play equipment for children from 12 months of age up to 12 years, as well as access to great open picnic and family space on the surrounding grass-covered reserve. It’s also a hop, skip and a jump to the beach for those who want to start or end their playground trip with a refreshing splash in the ocean.

Located: Rainbow Beach, Beach Street, Bonny Hills.

Facilities: Swings, sandpit, slides, rope and ladder climbing structure, picnic tables and grassy reserve.

Toilets: Yes.

Bain Park Playground, Wauchope

Bain Park in Wauchope has a popular children’s playground that’s right in the centre of town and close to Waterman’s Café. It is open with good visibility and has a range of playground activities and equipment catering for toddlers and children up to 10 years old.

Located: Oxley Lane (off Cameron Street), Wauchope.

Facilities: Tyre swing, playhouse with ladder, slide and interactive play equipment, see-saw, musical play, balance beams and rope climb.

Toilets: Yes.

Livvi’s Place, Westport Park, Port Macquarie

Livvi’s Place at Westport Park is a popular park for both the littlies and the bigger children. Livvi’s Place is part of a wider network of children’s playgrounds around Australia, inspired and initiated by Touched by Olivia which aims to create healthier and happier lives for children by creating inclusive playspaces. Parents can drop by the Hastings Coffee Co takeaway window to grab a coffee or snacks on their way to or from the park.

Located: Adjacent to The Westport Club, at Westport Park, Park Street, Port Macquarie.

Facilities: Swings, splash fountains and water pumps, sandpit, slide, spinning wheel, pirate ship with interactive equipment, music makers, climbing rope and tower, bike and scooter path, picnic tables.

Toilets: Yes, nearby amenities block.

Discover all of the playgrounds, parks and gardens in Port Macquarie

If you’d like to uncover all of the playgrounds, parks and gardens in Port Macquarie and surrounding towns of Wauchope, the Camden Haven, and between, Port Macquarie-Hastings Council has put together a great interactive map of those in the greater Port Macquarie area.