Introducing our sub & affiliate clubs!

Community is what drives Our Vision at The Westport Club. We are driven to making a significant contribution to the quality of community life and supporting others and organisations to do the same! This year we are very excited to be bringing back our inaugural ‘Celebration of Vision’ event for 2023. The celebration that takes place during an event like this is to honour our community and praise the wonderful contributions they each make to support our vision.


In anticipation for this event, we have been meeting with each of our Sub & Affiliate Clubs to capture and share their unique stories. Our fourteen Sub & Affiliate clubs are closely linked with the foundations of our club and work with our Community Engagement Manager, Karen Faichney, collaborating to support and provide opportunities to enrich their communities. We want to shine a light on a club that embodies our very Vision – creating a connected and supportive community within our region.


port macquarie bridge club


Who are The Port Macquarie Bridge Club?

The Port Macquarie Bridge Club is a sub-club in our community, sharing a combined passion of the game Bridge and creating a social outlet for members to connect. This club is a beautiful group of around 100 members who meet every week in our Community Lounge at The Westport Club – socialising, connecting, and of course playing Bridge! An amazing outlet for members to get out and enjoy a game that gets them thinking strategically with like-minded people.


The Bridge Club joined us a few years ago when seeking a venue to host their weekly games at. Bridge is played in every regional town in Australia, with the Port Macquarie Bridge Club being founded in the 1970’s. The club pays games between their own members and also at the venues of their ‘sister clubs’, getting them out and visiting other neighbouring towns. When asked what is the greatest part of their club, President David said that it is definitely the social aspect of the game. Many members find that the club creates a newfound family for them, spending time with others and meeting new people.


What is Bridge?

The game of Bridge is a captivating card game that requires four players divided into two partnerships. The game employs a standard deck of 52 cards and is played in rounds, known as “hands.” The primary objective is to bid for and win tricks, each consisting of four cards played by the four participants in clockwise order. The bidding phase involves partners communicating their preferred suits, aiming to declare a contract specifying the number of tricks to be taken and the trump suit. The player who bids the highest becomes the declarer and chooses the contract. Once the contract is established, players take turns leading tricks, with the highest card in the led suit winning. Strategy revolves around efficient communication, managing trumps, and making informed decisions about card play. The game combines tactical thinking with teamwork and is a great pastime for those seeking intellectual challenge!


bridge club westport


It may sound confusing for new-comers, but the wonderful members of The Port Macquarie Bridge Club welcomes new members and can always lend a hand to get you started! The Port Macquarie Bridge Club is a great sub-club within our community, and we look forward to sharing more of their story with short interview snippets over on our Facebook & Instagram pages.


Interested in learning more?

If you would like to know more about this sub-club or join The Port Macquarie Bridge Club, contact The Westport Club at

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