The Westport Club has always been committed to fostering a strong sense of community and protecting Port Macquarie heritage. So when one of our customers came to us with a very special request, of course we couldn’t say no!

Meet Nicole Steuart

Nicole is a regular customer and member at The Westport Club. Her grandmother Molly St John was well known around Port Macquarie. Molly was particularly recognisable, as she maintained her flawless fashion sense up to the incredible age of 104 years! In fact, a tree was planted in her honour right around the corner from The Westport Club when she reached the age of 100. The St John family into which she married was one of the first to settle in the Rawdon Island area.

Nicole always admired her grandmother’s energy, her pledge to be ahead of the latest fashion trends and her passion for decorating. She was a true Port Macquarie heritage icon. Unfortunately, when Molly passed away, Nicole lacked the space within her own home to hold on to her grandmother’s favourite chair.  It was an incredibly comfortable retro recliner, one of the first to come onto the market back in the 1950s. Molly would sit and watch TV in this chair every night, and had it reupholstered many times to ensure it was always in style.

An antique chair comes full circle

Sadly posting the chair for sale on Gumtree, Nicole was relieved when The Westport Club purchased the chair. It was installed in their temporary upstairs coffee nook. Nicole and her mother loved seeing the chair in its new home when they visited The Westport Club each week. Meanwhile, Nicole had completed her own renovations and had a beautiful new sunroom to fill with furniture. Upon the commencement of The Westport Club’s refurbishment, it was only right that the antique chair be kindly returned to its rightful owner.

Much to her grandmother’s taste, Nicole has placed the newly reupholstered chair in the sunniest part of her home. Right next to a retro side table full of magazines. It will be the comfiest place for her and friends to relax and read during winter, reclining in a chair that has had quite the adventure!

Visit the Westport Club

Of course, this all occurred because of the extensive refurbishment of The Westport Club which was completed in November 2016. If you haven’t had the chance to experience our exciting new destinations, there’s no better time than now. Join us for a relaxing evening overlooking the Hastings River at Jimmy’s Bar & Lounge. Perhaps a delicious meal at Aqua is more to your taste, also with stunning water views. Or you can kick-start your day with breakfast and coffee from Hastings Coffee Co. where you will also find a diverse, flavoursome lunch menu. At The Westport Club, we take pride in preserving Port Macquarie heritage, and in ensuring all your needs are met every time you pay us a visit. Just ask Nicole!

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