Helping children fall in love with reading

Supporting little readers fall in love with reading! Community is what drives Our Vision at The Westport Club. We are driven to making a significant contribution to the quality of community life and supporting others and organisations to do the same! We wanted to share a major club happening from last year (and now partially this year!), that was delivered in partnership with Dymocks Children’s Charities. One of our most favourite community programs, Library Regeneration is a program that embodies our vision and created the connected and supportive community links within our region.


The Westport Club’s Library Regeneration program is an exciting community initiative aimed at inspiring young children in Port Macquarie and surrounds to fall in love with reading. Partnering with Dymocks Children’s Charities, the program has been a consistent in our community calendar for over 10 years! For our most recent roll-out at the end of last year we aimed to provide local preschools with new books and give children the opportunity to explore the world of literature.


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What is Library Regeneration?

We launched the program with much anticipation for its return, as the club partnered with 10 local preschools to gift a total of 3,514 books to add to their libraries. In addition, over 300 children received books that they could also take home and keep. Our first library presentation was held at Port Macquarie Community preschool, where our team brought plenty of excitement and surprise when the kids got a visit from the Dymocks Duck to present their books. Witnessing the joy and happiness from delivering these resources is priceless and so important to our local community.


Over the course of the program, mainly delivered at the end of last year and now completed more recently, we visited twelve local preschools, delivering plenty of books to the delight of little learners. Our extra special mascot added to the excitement and created a fun atmosphere for the children to participate within. We were continually thrilled to deliver the program and proud to have inspired more children to fall in love with reading.


The Library Regeneration Program is an extension of us living our vision, expanding on our commitment to supporting the local community and creating meaningful impact to our education system. The gift of reading is an integral opportunity we believe all children should have access to no matter background or hardships, facilitating a significant contribution to the lifetime of learning and growth.


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Our program partnerships

We proudly delivered a total of $60,000 worth of books to fill little libraries, but we couldn’t have done it alone! We would like to extend a special thank you to Dymocks Children’s Charities as our program partner. Working together and collaborating on this great program over the past several years has made it the success it is today. It is always such a delight to be able to make these deliveries and see the joy on all the little faces we meet! Thank you for allowing us to inspire more children to fall in love with reading.


As part of our Club GRANTS program, we continually strive to fulfil our vision and partner with others that support this with their initiatives in the community. Since 2009, The Westport Club has contributed nearly $3 million in community grants to local charities, sporting groups, organisations, and programs like Library Regeneration across the Mid North Coast. A major focus of our community vision is supporting projects focused on education and wellbeing, enriching the minds and bodies of young people across our region. Programs like this are a wonderful outcome of such community drive and innovative projects we continue to support.


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