The Port Macquarie community

Our Port Macquarie community is filled with people who make a big impact on our lives. We take great delight in acknowledging those who work day in and day out behind the scenes to keep our town wonderful. Here at The Westport Club, we understand the value of respecting our community. It is our mission to constantly make positive contributions to our community life. So whenever there’s a chance to showcase some of Port Macquarie’s finest, we jump on it. From volunteers to farmers, we are a community of amazing people. Let’s have a look at one of Port Macquarie’s biggest and longest supporters, Ken Little.

A great community member, Ken Little

Ken Little – Port Macquarie greengrocer

Even if you’ve never visited his shop, you probably know his name, and you’re highly likely to have eaten one of his products. Ken Little is nothing short of a local Port Macquarie legend. He has been one of Port Macquarie’s main fresh food and vegetable suppliers for over 36 years. Ken is as proud of his work as he is passionate about bringing quality food to his local area. He supplies fresh foods from Laurieton to Wauchope, and of course right here in Port Macquarie. Ken sources his produce locally as much as possible and strives to form special, direct relationships with his farmers and growers. With a 6 day a week schedule starting at 4:30 am every morning, Ken lives a busy life. But that never stops him from consistently supporting the Port Macquarie community. Ken Little is beloved in our Port Macquarie community for more than just his delicious produce.

What makes Ken Little great

Besides supplying the freshest and tastiest goods in all of Port Macquarie, Ken loves to give back to his community. He employs 44 full time staff members, many of whom are young people who have risen through difficult circumstances. Ken partners with Port Macquarie Primary School to deliver fresh fruit and vegetables for canteen use. He also partners with local high schools to offer vital structured workplace learning for HSC students.

Donations are a huge part of Ken’s passion and commitment to our region. He delivers fresh fruit and veggies to people with disabilities free of charge. He also donates fresh fruit to local sporting groups, charities, and schools. Ken is instrumental in getting 400 tonnes of fresh produce and other products to Lord Howe Island every two weeks. Ken understands the difficulty of finding fresh foods in an isolated area. That’s why he makes it his goal to reach every inch of the Port Macquarie community and beyond. That stretch even includes little old us, The Westport Club.

A great community member, Ken Little

Ken Little and The Westport Club

Here at The Westport Club, we not only value our community, but we support it in as many ways possible. Our philosophy ensures that our restaurants serve the freshest, most delicious ingredients from right here in Port Macquarie. We work with Ken Little daily because we know he is committed to high quality products the same way we are. Our chefs at Aqua order their food from Ken every evening at 9:00 pm for delivery the very next day. In his restaurant, nothing is considered more important than serving high quality, fresh food that is locally grown wherever possible. And we know that Ken believes that too.

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