Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea is one of Australia’s biggest and most successful annual charity events. All funds raised from the events help the NSW Cancer Council to achieve its goals in the following ways:

  • Providing information and advice to Australian cancer patients
  • Sponsoring the schools SunSmart program
  • Paying for nurses to provide counselling and support services to cancer patients
  • Providing transport and accommodation for cancer patients who need to travel for treatment
  • Annual training for volunteers so they can continue to support cancer patients and those impacted by cancer
  • Funding for cancer research projects

Nurses continue supporting cancer patients thanks to funds raised by Australia's Biggest Morning Tea

How you can help

Anyone can make a donation to Australia’s Biggest Morning tea by visiting the NSW Cancer Council website, however if you would like to get involved in the event, you can organise your own Biggest Morning Tea!

Hosting a morning tea has more benefits than raising much needed funds for the NSW Cancer Council. It’s also a great opportunity to get together with friends, family or work colleagues, enjoy a chat and a cup of tea. We live in a very fast-paced world these days, so it’s important to stop and connect with others from time to time!

Want to host your own Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea?

If you’d like to host your own Biggest Morning Tea, here are some tips on how to get started and make the most out of your event.

Set a date and venue

The official date of the NSW Cancer Council’s Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea is Thursday 24 May 2018. You don’t have to hold your event on this day but try to hold it as close to the official date as possible. You can then promote your event around the same time as the Cancer Council which will keep it relevant. Choose a venue with high visibility and easy access for your volunteers to be able to set up and pack down. The lunch room at your workplace or a spot outside a local shopping centre are some examples. Just make sure you ask permission from the relevant people before locking in the venue.

Your event setup could include:

  • Tables and chairs for guests to sit down and enjoy their morning tea
  • A tea and coffee station for guests to serve themselves
  • A ‘buffet table’ for the food items to be served on
  • Registration desk where guests can pay their entry fee and purchase raffle tickets

Three ladies enjoying time out at Australia's Biggest Morning Tea

Register your event

Be sure to register your event on the official Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea website. Once you register you’ll have access to lots of helpful resources and tools to help you organise and promote your event. There are even checklists to help you set up on the day. You’ll be set up with a ‘Fundraising Hub’ which makes it easier to collect and track your donations.

Shout it from the rooftops

Tell your co-workers, friends and family that you are hosting a Biggest Morning Tea event and invite them to come along. Ask local businesses and cafes to display your poster on their noticeboard or in their shop window. If you have a Facebook account, set up an event and invite your friends or customers to come and support the morning tea. You can even download super cute printable posters and invitations from the Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea website once you’ve registered!

Decide on a fundraising goal

Before you start asking for donations, work out a realistic target for how much money you’d like to raise. Make sure you tell potential attendees how much you’re hoping to raise and keep them posted on how you’re going with achieving the target as time progresses.

Ask for help

Put a call out to friends, family and work colleagues to help volunteer at your event. You’ll need someone to manage payments on the day, someone to sell raffle tickets and of course a crew of eager bakers to cook up your morning tea! Encourage your baking team to make items that are easy to sell in slices or single serves. Examples include cupcakes, muffins, slices, scones and lamingtons. If you’re in need of inspiration, check out the Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea website for ideas!  You could also consider combining your efforts with a local café or caterer – they could supply the venue and some simple catering, and you organise the event promotion and logistics.

Hands holding heart

Approach your employer for support

Ask your employer to sponsor your event by way of a cash donation, providing a venue or allowing your colleagues to help out on the day. Organising a fundraiser requires a lot of commitment and support so the more people that can help you out the easier it will be.

Have a flat fee donation

Consider setting a flat fee for entry to your event based on your fundraising target. For example you could charge a $5 donation per person including a cup of tea or coffee and a slice of cake, scone or muffin.

Make it easy to donate

Before the day, organise a float so that you will be able to give change. If it’s possible for you to have an EFTPOS machine or other payment system available on the day, this will help increase your donations. Make it as convenient and easy as possible for people to provide a donation on the spot!

Hold a raffle

A great way to bump up your donations on the day is to hold a raffle. Approach local businesses and even your employer and ask them to donate prizes for you to raffle off.

Share your story

After the event, be sure to share the results with those who supported you! Upload your photos to the Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea website, and don’t forget to share them on your social media page to show your friends or customers how you’re supporting a worthwhile cause.

Ladies enjoying coffee

Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea at The Westport Club

At the heart of The Westport Club philosophy is support for our community and on Thursday 3 May we are proud to be supporting Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea, with not one but two events.

The Westport Club is partnering with Westport Women’s Bowlers to host a Biggest Morning Tea on Thursday 3 May. Members of the Westport Women’s Bowlers will be selling home-made baked treats at The Westport Club from 7.30am – 11am on the day.

Hastings Coffee Co. will also have a special Biggest Morning Tea offer of a scone with jam and cream and a coffee for just $6. All proceeds from the special will be donated to Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea.