It’s all very well for us to decide to spend a little more time at home or in our own company, but Netflix can only take up so much of each day! Eventually we need to find some other things to challenge and entertain us. Boredom can be a great motivator and could be just the push you need to try something you’ve always dreamed of – or something you only thought of yesterday. Here’s some ideas for hobbies to start at home to get you started!

Learn a language

We are all itching to book our next holiday, but common sense is telling us to perhaps hold off a little. Give yourself a little preview by learning the language of the place you hope to visit! By being able to communicate more clearly, you could potentially meet more people and have a more authentic experience. It also comes in handy when navigating – both in reading a map and asking for directions! Learning a language is great brain exercise and can enhance your memory, problem solving and critical thinking skills. You could also try sign language – you never know when that may be useful, if only simply to make someone with reduced hearing feel heard.

Happy woman sitting on sofa wearing headset with microphone learning English with teacher online, study improve knowledge using computer apps, holds pen noting in notepad feels satisfied concept image

Home DIY

If you’ve spent as much time at home lately as we have, its likely you have noticed more than a few places around the house that could use some love and attention. If you’re not sure where to start, try typing the thing you want to change into Pinterest and add ‘DIY’. For example – Shelving DIY or Kitchen Bench DIY – you’d be surprised what simple and effective ideas come up! You could even add value to your home while entertaining yourself.

Pinterest ideas for home DIY

Expand your recipe collection

It could feel a little old fashioned to keep a recipe book or collection, but it’s a lovely thing to be able to have some tried and true favourites to look back on or share with those you love. The internet is teeming with options for every single dish, so if you’ve found one that works, a record of it could be a kindness to both yourself and whoever ends up with your collection!

Start scrapbooking

It’s amazing how much we all rely on our devices to hold and keep our memories safe. Every now and then, it’s important to try and ‘back up’ your photo collections from your phone or computer on to a hard drive. But who can enjoy them on a hard drive?! Head to the likes of Officeworks, Kmart or Big W and you’ll only need to part with a few dollars to get your photos printed. The beauty of creating scrap books or albums is that you have the opportunity to add details like dates, locations or even names – when the next generation is looking back at photos, they may need some hints to identify those in the image!

Close up unrecognizable person looking photo album pointing to one photo

Write a blog

It can be very therapeutic to write your thoughts down – especially if you’re spending a bit more time alone. Writing a blog could be the outlet you need, like having a chat with an old friend. You never know – bloggers make millions these days, maybe you could be the next big thing!

Start a small garden

If you’ve never gardened before, do yourself a favour and start small. Gardening can encourage you to get outside each day which is really important when you are hanging out at home. Grow something that makes you happy – whether its flowers or veggies – and get some advice from your local nursery or hardware store for what works for the time of year. Remember sometimes water does not equal love – beware of loving your plants to death!

Learn yoga

The internet has certainly stepped up in recent months if you’re looking for home workout content. Yoga has many benefits including increased flexibility and increased muscle strength and tone. It can also aid in improved respiration, energy and vitality. There isn’t much yoga can’t do, according to the internet, so maybe giving it a go is the best thing you’ll do all year! There’s so many versions, including workouts that are kid friendly – it could be an activity for the whole family!

Women at home during pandemic isolation doing online yoga class

Make your own jewelry

Sometimes the best way to pass time is to keep your hands busy, and why not end up with something pretty at the end of that nervous energy? YouTube tutorials are a great resource to get you going and you can get starter kits from a number of different places! Jewelry can be expensive, keep up with all the latest trends by making it yourself!

Learn how to play an instrument

This may not be such a popular choice with the other members of your household! If you’ve always imagined yourself as a musician then this is the time to start. Again, YouTube is your best friend in terms of tips, tricks and tutorials, and with all this free time you’ve got, you’ll be able to PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE.

Happy good looking elderly man in a plaid shirt sits on a sofa in the living room and learns to play acoustic guitar online using a Laptop

Connect with your inner artist

Fancy yourself a little bit creative? There are so many forms of art you could try your hand at. Grab yourself a canvas and some paints, some charcoal and paper, or maybe even some clay! Give yourself space to make mistakes and create some interesting things to start with… remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. You never know what beautiful thing you might produce in time.

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