First created in 1912, the Oreo™ is a sandwich style biscuit comprising cream filling between two biscuits. They were created by the National Biscuit Company (Nabisco) as an imitation of another similar biscuit called Hydrox. Over time, Oreo™ became extremely popular and their sales and brand presence overtook that of Hydrox. Eventually the public came to think that Hydrox was in fact an Oreo™ knock-off, rather than the contrary. Oreo™ is now the best-selling cookie in the USA and production of Hydrox was discontinued in 1999.

There are several theories surrounding the origins of the name ‘Oreo™’ but our favourite comes from Wikipedia, who suggest that the name is derived from the Latin Oreodaphne which is a plant which comes from the laurel family. Some have suggested that the design that is stamped on the Oreo™ biscuit resembles a laurel wreath. This theory does have some relevance, considering that several of Nabisco’s other biscuit brands of the era were also named after botanical species’.

Oreo’s were originally produced in a factory located in Chelsea, a borough of Manhatten. The factory where they were made no longer stands but is now replaced by the Chelsea Market complex. As a tribute to the national biscuit, the block on which the factory stood is now named ‘Oreo Way’.

How to eat an Oreo

It might seem obvious – surely there’s only one way to eat an Oreo. But there’s actually a lot of contention around the ‘correct’ way to eat an Oreo™ cookie. There are bloggers who actually make videos with instructions on how best to eat them! Here’s some of our favourite suggested ways to eat an Oreo™.

  • You might prefer to twist your Oreo™ apart, eat one side and then the other. Most devotees prefer to save the cream-coated side for last.
  • Try scraping the cream filling off the biscuits one at a time with your teeth and then enjoying the crunchy biscuits.
  • Dunk your Oreo™ in milk or drop it in completely to flavour the milk. Enjoy the yummy biscuit surprise at the bottom of the glass once finished.
  • How about using your Oreo™ as an edible spoon to eat ice cream? Scoop up the ice cream and then enjoy ice cream and cookie all in one bite!
  • You could also crush an Oreo™ and sprinkle it over the top of a bowl of ice cream or add to your favourite milkshake or thick shake.

Hastings Coffee Co. at The Westport Club will be serving up Oreo Super shakes on Oreo Day, 6 March for you to try! Check out our Super shake below. They look delicious and we can’t wait to try one.


More ways to enjoy

  • This one is a bit indulgent, but have you heard that you can batter and deep fry your Oreo™? Yes, there are takeaway shops who sell these!
  • Dip your Oreo™ in melted chocolate or whipped cream.
  • Incorporate your Oreos into another recipe, like this no bake Oreo™ Cheesecake below!

We’ll be treating our customers to two different types of Oreo Cheesecake on Oreo Day. You can try our take on a traditional Oreo Cheesecake at Hastings Coffee Co., or a deconstructed Oreo Cheesecake at Aqua Restaurant!


  • Crumble your Oreos and turn them into a Cookies and Cream Cocktail! We will be making our own version of this cookie lover’s dream on 6 March to celebrate Oreo Day. Come in to Jimmy’s Bar and Lounge to try one for yourself!

Cookies and Cream Cocktail available at Jimmys Tuesday 6 March

Oreo™ Trivia

Some fun facts about Oreos…

  • Today’s Oreo™ cookie was developed by a food scientist named Sam Porcello.
  • Oreo™ cookies can be popular with people who follow certain eating regimes. For example, they do not include animal products so have a strong Vegan fan base.
  • In 2012, Oreo™ launched an advertising campaign featuring an Oreo™ cookie with rainbow-coloured cream, commemorating Gay Pride Month.
  • During different seasons, Oreo launches special themed cookies such as Orange for Halloween, Red or Green for Christmas and Yellow for Spring.

Flavour variations

Some of the many limited-edition flavour variations that Oreo™ have released over the years include:

  • Blueberry pie
  • Red Velvet Cupcake
  • Mint
  • Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup
  • Birthday Cake
  • Gingerbread
  • Neopolitan
  • Fruit Punch
  • Caramel Apple

And many more!