Updated 16 August, 2018.

Father’s Day is the day to celebrate our much-loved Dads. The man we look to for giant bear hugs and secret handshakes. A guy who might not be overly fashionable, who loves to tinker with tools and BBQ meat; He’s the one who gets a little over-excited watching the footy and just can’t help but pull out the ‘dad jokes’!  Thank the world for our beautiful Dads and Granddads. Let’s celebrate and spoil them with a special Father’s Day gift and give them all the love they deserve.

Image of father and son Father's Day gift ideas

Coming up with original ideas each year for Father’s Day can get difficult after a while. Don’t worry, we have come up with some Father’s Day gift ideas for you. With this list you will wow your Dad and maintain your status as the favourite child!

Make the gift personal

Research shows that the gift receiver is more likely to like their gift if the person giving the gift has:

  • put a little of themselves into the gift;
  • bought the recipient something that they themselves would like; or
  • has obviously sacrificed something in order to give.

Imagine how you would feel if for your next birthday, your bestie bought you a generic packet of supermarket hankies or a shirt reminiscent of a table cloth. No doubt that gift would be going straight to the nearest Vinnies! Which brings us to our next point; forget the socks and undies. This year, put in a little bit more effort towards your Dad’s Fathers’ Day gift and see his face light up in surprise!

Here are some ideas we came up with:

Practical Father’s Day gift ideas

We’re willing to bet that most Dads would prefer something practical that they would actually use. How about finding him a stylish or fun spin on a practical present (socks and jocks are not allowed – just don’t). Some of our favourites include:

  • Handmade timber docking station
  • Personalised initials BBQ caddy
  • Custom family portrait

Find useful gifts like this by visiting online store, Etsy.

Wine rack

You can also find lots of personalised, handy gifts for your Dad at HardtoFind. a website dedicated to sourcing unique and out of the box gifts from Australia and around the world. Some examples we loved were the Wine Minder, a unique cellar management system that tracks the health of a wine collection based on how it’s stored over time and the MemoBottle, a stylish, notebook-shaped slim lined water bottle that is designed to fit in your pocket, satchel or briefcase – Genius!

Take him out on the town

The Westport Club has got you covered with all types of options this Father’s Day including a chicken wing special in Hastings Coffee Co., a ‘Beef Ribs and Beer’ combo in Aqua Restaurant. If your Dad is a whiskey aficionado,  treat him to a night out at Jimmy’s Bar & Lounge and buy him a Whiskey Flight. Watch the NRL game on the big screen and chow down on some popcorn chicken. And don’t forget to drive Dad home, it’s about time you returned the favour!

Do something nice for him that he wouldn’t expect

If money’s a little short this year or your Dad isn’t really into material gifts, set aside some time to help your Dad out. You could:

  • Wash the car;
  • Mow the lawn;
  • Weed the veggie garden;
  • or give him a voucher for a lift home one night when he’s out on the town!

Design your own Port Macquarie experience

Port Macquarie is a pretty amazing place to live and as we are now heading into Summer, the event calendar just keeps improving! Instead of giving your Dad a physical gift, give him the gift of an experience. That way, he can create new memories with you. Some of the events coming up over the next few months include Tastings on Hastings, and the BBQ and Blues Festival,  just to name a couple! If your Dad is a foodie, purchase some Westport Dollars so he can design his own tailored The Westport Club experience or if he’s a brew lover, take him to Moorebeer for a beer tasting.

Make your own Father’s Day gift

One of the Dads at The Westport Club said he would love to receive something handmade this year. He said that some of his loveliest Father’s Day gifts were finger paintings that his (now adult) kids made for him. There’s no reason why you can’t recreate that feeling for your Dad, but in an adult context. You could make him some home made spiced nuts, smokey barbecue sauce, or chilli jam. You could cook him a delicious meal, like slow cooked pulled pork, sticky ribs, or a decadent bread and butter pudding. Make sure you whip him up a tasty drink to match; check out our Whiskey Sour recipe for inspiration.

Father's Day gift ideas

That concludes our list of Father’s Day gift ideas

Whatever you decide to do for your Dad this Father’s Day, just promise us you’ll put a bit of thought into it before you dash out to buy a bulk packet of generic underwear. Put in a bit of extra time and care and you can look forward to seeing your Dad’s face light up come Father’s Day.

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