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Travelling is the door to unlocking the discovery of new cultures, connecting with natural wonders, and creating memorable moments. With the European summer quickly approaching it seems like everyone is getting ready to jet off and escape the winter chill. Many travellers will opt to tailor their trips to suit different needs; maybe a cheaper budget, lash out at an all-inclusive resort, choosing to stick away from tourist hot-spots, or embracing a challenge that puts them out of their comfort zone. Different people have different wants and needs out of their exciting adventure away.

Another consideration for travellers that is beginning to trend more is being mindful of environmental impact while exploring the world. It can be thrilling to get out and experience new journeys, see iconic landmarks, and collect souvenirs – but what are some ways we can make sure these destinations are protected for future travellers? There is plenty of eco-friendly travel tips and tricks we can adopt when travelling, starting from something very small and ranging through to choosing options that are more of an investment (not always ideal for our budget travellers!). Follow along for a few insights on how you could be exploring the globe responsibly with eco-friendly travel and preserving the natural beauty of our planet.


eco-friendly travel


1. Choose Sustainable Transportation

Plenty of options exist to make your journey eco-friendly with the type of transport used. If you are venturing overseas, you’ll most likely be taking a plane, and while we don’t have much option otherwise to get overseas from Australia there are still a few ways you can make a difference. Opting for direct flights and purchasing carbon offsets with your flight can help manage carbon emissions. When you get to your destination you can also choose transport options like biking, walking, or public transport to explore. If you’re hiring a car for your adventure, you may look at choosing an Electric Vehicle and make use of EV charging stations to travel around.


2. Support Eco-Friendly Accommodation

With the use of accommodation booking sites like Airbnb, you can find some really cool eco-friendly rentals available that add a bit of extra adventure to your trip. If you’re not a fan of sleeping in a hammock in the jungle and favour a luxurious hotel to compliment your getaway, look at resorts that offer eco-friendly options with their operations (like new towels every other day or room cleaning after three nights).


3. Minimise Waste

Reduce environmental impact by minimising waste and being conscious of single-use plastics. Not all countries have strict regulations on waste as what we do in Australia but be mindful to use only what you need rather than in excess. You could also bring some items along on your travels to minimise wastage, like a water bottle (for countries where water is safe to drink from taps), reusable shipping bags, and even metal or paper straws. Remember to dispose of waste properly and use good recycling habits whenever possible.


4. Respect Local Culture

Travel is your opportunity to embrace local culture, traditions, and natural wonders of different environments. Do some research before to better educate yourself on local customs and etiquette. Be mindful of activities or behaviours that might upset or offend and be sensitive around culturally protected areas. Choose to support local where you can! Purchase locally made souvenirs or eat at traditional restaurants to immerse yourself in the culture and preserve cultural heritage.


5. Seek Authentic Experiences

The best travel experiences that create the most memorable moments are those that bring you to the heart of your destination and the culture of their people. Seek out sustainable tour offerings that show you more than tourist icons and prioritise community engagement, conservation, and education about something new! This is the best way to see your destination in an authentic way and experience local culture.


eco-friendly travel


Eco-friendly travel may not be for everyone, but there are small elements and habits that everyone could take with them on their next adventure. Preserving these important places and landmarks for future travellers is an important consideration in modern day travel, and ensuring more people get to experience the wonder that you have during your journey. Simple changes can make a big difference, particularly depending on your destination of choice!


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