Change your drive, change your life


If you have been into our club from May 1st, you might have noticed a new, shiny white Tesla Model 3 lighting up our promotions area. We have had some exciting changes to our long-standing Car and Cash promotion, giving our members even more reason to swipe, earn, spend & redeem! With changes to reward points and ticket redemption happening over the past few months we thought we would take the time to break down the promotion – explaining how you could very well be the next owner of a Tesla Model 3.


Are you a member of The Westport Club?

If that’s a yes, then perfect! You are eligible to play in this member-exclusive promotion.


Car and Cash is a game of chance based on members redeeming tickets and participating in weekly draws. Think of it like a game show! The more tickets you redeem the higher your chances to be called out. What’s up for grabs? It’s all in the name – a Tesla Model 3 valued at $70,000, and varying cash prizes in weekly draws. We close out the month with a Major Draw where one lucky member from the month’s redemption’s will take home $5,000 cash!


This promotion is open to all members with two chances per week to win, you could be soon changing your drive or changing your life.


So how could you be driving away with a new set of wheels? Here is a step-by-step guide to help you understand the promotion and draws process.


win it car



Every day members are eligible for 1x Car and Cash ticket when swiping at the Reward Kiosk. This is a great way to get started and maximise the tickets you have to play! The other ‘Swipe’ component is to ensure you are swiping at the register with every purchase you make. This will allow you to accrue Reward Points with every transaction on drinks or dining.



Earning Reward Points is done through swiping your Westport Membership Card at every transaction – building your rewards points means building your Westport Dollars. Every reward point has a cash value and accruing them allows you to make purchases throughout the club without having to use your own cash!



Spending your Reward Points is the key to gaining your Car and Cash tickets. Once you have collected enough Reward Points you can make a purchase and for every $1 in Reward Points spent you will earn 1x Car and Cash ticket. So, buying a $4 coffee with points will gain you 4 tickets into Car and Cash. You can see your Car and Cash ticket balance at any time at the Rewards Kiosk.



Once you are happy with your Car and Cash ticket balance it’s time to redeem! You can redeem tickets at the Rewards Kiosk before 6:30pm Wednesday or 5pm Sunday to be eligible for that nights draw. Once you have redeemed you’ll know it is the next draw that you have the chance to win – so make sure to come back and join us for the show!



Every week there are two chances to take home our Major Prize – a Tesla Model 3. Weekly Draws take place every Wednesday and Sunday, and you need to have redeemed before the cut-off times to be included. At each draw we will have five lucky members called up to choose one of eight prizes. Two of these prizes include a golden ‘Express Pass’ into our Major Draw on the last Sunday of the month where someone will win $5,000 cash. Of the eight prizes, behind one circle is a ‘Spin for Car’ opportunity. If you draw this, you then get the chance to spin the big wheel to win a Tesla Model 3. The wheel needs to make three complete revolutions and land on the ‘Car’ wedge for you to win!



This happens on the last Sunday of every month where we call up five more members to join our ‘Express Pass’ winners in the draw for the $5,000 cash. You need to have redeemed tickets within the month to be eligible. Each person has four minutes to present themselves to our hosts and claim their spot in the Major Draw.



Our ‘Express Pass’ winners throughout the month join together to take part in the $5,000 cash draw. All finalists choose a number in the queue at random and then select a key at their turn hoping it will unlock the safe. Whoever selects the correct key wins the cash! All Car and Cash tickets are then cleared for the month following this draw ending.

It’s time to start redeeming those tickets – you could be our next major prize winner and driving a new Tesla Model 3 around town!


tesla win


Interested in learning more?

Find more information about Car and Cash here.