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The Port Macquarie-Hastings region is full of community groups and organisations that aim to improve the quality of community life. Our vision, here at The Westport Club, is ‘to make a significant contribution to the quality of community life’, which is why we do whatever we can to support these organisations. We provide financial assistance through our ClubGRANTS program, attend events and show as much support for these incredible groups as we can. Today, we want to highlight the outstanding work carried out by Dyslexia NSW Mid North Coast Support. Dyslexia NSW Mid North Coast Support is a dyslexia support group on a mission to close the gap between knowledge and action in classrooms locally and nation-wide.

Dyslexia MNC support

Dyslexia NSW Mid North Coast Support

Dyslexia is a serious difficulty that hinders reading and affects students’ ability to perform to their full potential in the classroom. Sadly, many schools are not equipped with the knowledge, tools or skills to help students with dyslexia. Because of this, many pupils don’t receive proper instruction on how to cope with their condition. Dyslexia NSW Mid North Coast Support aims to help bring the necessary programs, tools and skills to all of our local school systems. The support group consists of pro-active parents who advocate for children dealing with the difficulty. They focus on sharing information on dyslexia, increasing awareness, and providing support for fellow parents and students dealing with dyslexia and other learning difficulties.

A young organisation, Dyslexia NSW Mid North Coast Support is just over 18 months old, however their connection with the community was immediate. Within the first six weeks of the program’s start, Dyslexia NSW Mid North Coast Support had over 60 members. The founders, Joanne McNamara and Kelly King, don’t believe parents should have to empty their wallets for their kids to find support. King and McNamara are aiming to establish meaningful relationships with local schools to embed dyslexia support programs directly into the classrom. Only then, will affected students receive the help they need where they need it most.

Dyslexia NSW Mid North Coast Support hopes to implement these programs not just in our local communities but throughout Australia. You can keep up with Dyslexia NSW Mid North Coast Support’s upcoming community events and news via their Twitter feed as well as their Facebook page.

Dyslexia MNC support

The Westport Club and Dyslexia NSW Mid North Coast Support

Contributing to the community’s wellbeing is one of The Westport Club’s core values, and it shapes who we are. We love interacting with local organisations that wake a difference to everyday lives in a positive way. We want to see these passionate members of our community grow and thrive. Dyslexia NSW Mid North Coast Support provides support for children with a difficulty that often goes unnoticed or ignored. That’s why we’ve donated over $2,500 to assist them in continuing their work for the Port Macquarie-Hastings community and beyond. We want to do as much as we can to ensure that local organisations such as Dyslexia NSW Mid North Coast Support can maintain their valuable community contributions.

For information on other ways that we contribute to the local community, check out our key initiatives. If you are involved with a community group that could use our support, you can apply for a grant through The Westport Clubs ClubGRANTs program.

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