The Westport Club & Marine Rescue take action to clean up foreshore

Marine Rescue Port Macquarie and The Westport Club will partner up on Clean Up Australia Day on Sunday 4 March to remove rubbish from the Hastings River and foreshore.

Staff from the Club and Marine Rescue team members will volunteer their time to scour the area from Lady Neilson Wharf to the Westport Park boat ramp, pulling rubbish and dumped items from the shore area and removing litter from Westport Park and grounds surrounding The Westport Club.

Bottle imprint in sand where crab is living

Community and Sports Manager for The Westport Club Jenny Edmunds said that The Westport Club and Marine Rescue shared a strong ongoing relationship and this was another sign of the solidarity between the club and community group.

“Our idea, when put to Greg Davies, Unit Commander for Marine Rescue, was met with enthusiasm and our own team members quickly volunteered when asked.  Our Club’s Vision is to make a significant contribution to the quality of community life.  Volunteering to maintain the beauty of our foreshore and waterways is another example of how we turn those words into actions and make a difference”, Mrs Edmunds said.

All Australians can take action to help reduce the 8 million tonnes of plastic choking our oceans by signing up for 2018 Clean Up Australia Day.

The national event on Sunday 4 March 2018 is the opportunity for all Australians everywhere to bring family, friends, neighbours and colleagues together to take action to protect their local environment to remove rubbish before it damages our precious parks, bushland, waterways and oceans.

In 2017 volunteers registered 7,066 locations across Australia. An estimated 590,354 volunteers removed over 15,000 ute loads of rubbish. Together they donated over 1 million hours of their time to cleaning up their streets, parks, beaches, bushland and waterways.

Over the last 27 years volunteers have donated more than 32 million hours at over 171,000 locations. Together they have removed the equivalent of 344 thousand ute loads of rubbish.

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