With Australia Day coming up, look no further than a celebration with friends and family at Aqua Restaurant.

All about Australia Day

australia day weekend 2017

Australia Day is celebrated annually on 26 January, which is the date that marks the day Captain Arthur Phillip arrived in Sydney Cove in 1788. The day was first proclaimed a public holiday in 1838, but it wasn’t until 1994 that all states and territories began to celebrate the day consistently. In the 1800s, celebrations tended to focus on sports such as yacht and horse racing, a tradition which has certainly been passed on to modern day Australia Day festivities.

Did you know? In 1915, during World War One, Australia Day was moved to 30 July to raise funds for the war by drawing on all Australians’ sense of pride.

Read a detailed history of Australia Day here.

Today, Australia Day marks a day to reflect on our history and our diverse society. Depending on your personal experience, Australia Day can carry different meanings for different people. Across the nation, Australians celebrate and enjoy the day with friends, family, fireworks and barbeques. New citizens celebrate with pride and joy, tourists join in the festivities, and communities come together. There are events across Australia involving sport, music and culture, all showcasing our ability to come together as a nation.

australia day weekend 2017

Fun fact: Half of the nation’s population spend their Australia Day long weekend by getting together with family and friends. Are you part of that half?

Looking for something to do this Australia Day?

Looking for a way to celebrate with family and friends this Australia Day but don’t want to host your own event? Escape the summer heat and avoid the post-party clean up, by heading on down to Aqua Restaurant at the Westport Club. We are open for Australia Day 2017, ready for you to celebrate in style!

It’s no secret that us Aussies love our food, and that becomes even more apparent on Australia day. Lamingtons, pavlova, sausages, meat pies, fairy bread and beer all appear in backyards across Australia. However, there are some of us that like to take the day off to relax rather than spend time preparing for a party. That’s where we come in…

australia day weekend 2017

Here at Aqua, we share your passion for food. Overlooking the Hastings River, Aqua Restaurant prides itself on an expertise in modern-Australian dishes paired with beautiful Australian wines. With a menu that showcases Australian favourites like lamb rack and fresh seafood, what better place to celebrate this Australia Day weekend with friends and family?

Aqua Restaurant will be offering a special Australia Day menu. Check them out:

Lunch Special – Hastings Coffee Co:

  • Brisket Pie & Chips – our take on Australia’s delectable meat pie with fresh hot chips
Member: $15 / Non-member: $16.5

Dinner Special – Aqua Restauarant:

  • Brisket Pie, Chips & Salad – a heftier version of our delicious lunch offering, along with a crisp salad and fresh hot chips
Member: $20 / Non-member: $22

For booking requests within 24 hours, please call us direct on 6588 7201.

If you’re hungry for more, check out our full Aqua menu.

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Gather your friends and family and make your way to Aqua Restaurant at the Westport Club to celebrate this Australia Day weekend in style! With the perfect atmosphere, and food and drink flowing, you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.