Our team members are the best of the best. We think staff deserve a little of the spotlight too, so we decided to highlight some of our very own. Check out what Ben the baker of the best Port Macquarie bakery, Hastings Coffee Co. has to say!

We love our team

Here at The Westport Club, we not only love what we do, we love those who do it! We’re so fortunate to have such an outstanding cast of crew members. Everyone works diligently day in and day out to ensure the greatest possible experience for our guests. Our strong surrounding community connection is grounded upon our strong sense of community between our team members. We want our crew to feel just as appreciated as each and every one of our guests. We tend to highlight The Westport Club’s updates and achievements in our blog, but its our crew’s turn to take the spotlight! We’re going to showcase a little about our very own Ben the baker of Hastings Coffee Co.

port macquarie bakery

Ben the baker

The mastermind baker behind some of our most delectable treats! Ben has been with The Westport Club for just about a year, right around the opening of our wonderful Port Macquarie bakery and café, Hastings Coffee Co.. Now our head baker, Ben has helped establish the best bakery and coffee spot in Port Macquarie, if not all of NSW. He not only assisted in setting up the design of the bakery, but with the menu and recipes behind of many of our delicious eats on offer.

Most importantly, Ben is the legendary baker behind the creation of our signature sourdough. Ben attributes the dough as being one of the best around to the “utmost respect and care from our high-level bakers and pastry chefs.” The sourdough is made from stone ground organic flour and baked to absolute perfection every single day. “It’s sure to please even the fussiest bread connoisseur,” says Ben.

But Ben loves more than just our sourdough. Have a look at some of Ben’s favourite items on offer at our fabulous Port Macquarie bakery, Hastings Coffee Co.:

Ben the baker’s favourite treats

  • Almond croissant
  • Peanut delice
  • Mango mousse cake

If you want to try any of these delicious treats, then come in to Hastings Coffee Co. today! The bakery is set up right there inside the café, to tantalise you with the fragrance of freshly baking bread. Check out our menus to help you decide before coming in. We’ve got an array of dishes from tasty pastries to zesty pizzas which will satisfy any hunger craving!


We could go on and on about all that Ben the baker does for us here at The Westport Club, but he wanted to share his thoughts on the club instead.

port macquarie bakery

Ben the baker and The Westport Club

What makes Ben so great is that he genuinely cares. He appreciates what each team member does for the club and is always humble. Ben decided to reflect a little on his experience in his first year here at The Westport Club:

“It’s been a big year meeting the team and its members and coming to know the story behind the club. Creating relationships throughout the club has been easy as the team are a great bunch of fun loving people. It’s been a positive experience with many challenges, and now coming into 2017 I’m certain it’s going to be a great year filled with many exciting calendar events. We will be producing fine products for our patrons and guests to come and enjoy here at The Westport Club.”

As you can see, Ben truly loves his job. He’s more than just a baker, he’s part of a family. Come in and relax with us at The Westport Club today, and be sure to drop in and say hi to Ben. Or become a member to receive heaps of exclusive offers – like 10% any purchase made at Hastings Coffee Co.