About Valentine’s Day

These days, we associate February 14th with flowers, chocolate and a fancy Valentine’s Day menu. But where did the date originate from? During the 3rd century, Saint Valentine served under Emperor Claudius who made marriage illegal for all potential soldiers. Valentine saw this as a tragedy, so began marrying couples in secret. He was slaughtered for defying the Emperor, and February 14th was named as a day in his honour. The day now represents love, with several countries across the world celebrating Valentine’s Day.

Over the years, Valentine’s Day has become a pretty high-pressure date in the calendar of romance, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. Get into the true spirit of saying “I love you” with our budget-friendly ideas.


heart in tree valentine's day menu

Top 10 ideas

Looking for affordable Valentine’s Day date ideas? Check out our list for some inspiration!

#1 Beachside picnic

We know a picnic is pretty clichéd, but it’s such a great way to enjoy a lovely meal without having to rob a bank. Head on down to Flynn’s Beach and set up with some champagne and a cheese plate for a sunset dinner. Even better if you turn it into a moonlight swim!

#2 Make a pillow fort

Set up in the living room with popcorn and a movie and create a grown-up fort with all the blankets and pillows you have! A cheap way to feel like you’re staying somewhere away from home.

#3 Have a games night

Grab out all the old board games and get competitive with Monopoly! This one might test the limits of the relationship if one of you is a bit too competitive…

#4 DIY cocktails

If you’re heading out for dinner, make each other cocktails before going out as these usually hike up the price of a night out.


champagne valentine's day menu


#5 MasterChef style dinner

The ultimate challenge…use your imagination to cook a three-course Valentine’s Day menu together.

#6 Coastal walk

If you’re into being active, tackle the Port Macquarie Coastal Walk and pop in to Hastings Coffee Co for a relaxing coffee.

#7 Homemade photo album

Make your loved one a photo album documenting your relationship from the very beginning and spend the evening together going through it and reminiscing on old memories.

#8 Chocolate fondue

Set up your own chocolate station with strawberries, marshmallows, and any other snacks you can think of for an affordable but delicious dessert.

#9 Bowling or Putt Putt

Release your inner child by booking a game of ten pin bowling or a round of mini golf.

#10 A meal at Westport Club

Aqua Restaurant will be putting on a special yet affordable Valentine’s Day menu for you to enjoy a romantic night out! See the menu below.


roses valentine's day menu

Valentine’s Day menu at Aqua Restaurant

At $80 per couple, choose one entrée, one main, and indulge with a shared dessert.


Pan seared scallops – served in a half shell with crispy leeks and brown caper butter


Salad of avocado – with smoked chicken, shaved Manchego cheese, and garlic croutons


Poached Atlantic salmon – with dill butter


Char grilled 60-day dry aged Sirloin – with pink peppercorn jus

Both served with green beans and dutch carrots


A decadent chocolate sharing plate…..


So don’t wait, book your table at Aqua restaurant today to celebrate Valentine’s Day with the one you love. Bookings are essential.


For booking requests within 24 hours, please call us direct on 6588 7201.